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Vakishim vs Waluigi

Suggested by Destroyer Vakishim is a pretty powerful kaiju so that means that Waluigi is doomed here. The guy has a lot of heart and good meme potential, but he’s not ready to take the win here. Vakishim just needs to power up his laser blast and win this round in a single blow. There’s really not a whole lot that Waluigi can do to stop him or even to prolong the match. Vakishim wins.

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Presence vs Waluigi

Suggested by Destroyer Waluigi is a pretty tough guy, but sports are his forte. I don’t think he is quite ready to take down someone like the Presence…right? That’s what I would have said if I bought into the Presence’s hype, but he’s really just another cosmic being who couldn’t fight if his life depended on it. Waluigi will exploit this weakness very quickly and slam in a home run for victory. Waluigi wins.

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Mimi vs Waluigi

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This is a tribute to the 2nd Digimon Tri film. While I wasn’t 100% on Mimi’s side the way I was on TK’s I would say that she did a good job overall. She jumped into battle even while everyone else was running scared. I’d expect to see the same courage from Waluigi, but unfortunately he hasn’t had much to do off the tennis court lately. I fear that his time has basically run out. One good hit from Rosemon would probably take him down for the count. Mimi wins.

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TK vs Waluigi


This is a tribute for the third Digimon Tri film! We’re about to have 3 of these in a row so get ready. A common theme in each of the films is that 1-2 of the Digidestined have to make a tough choice and you have to see if you agree with it. Well, TK made the right choice in his as he protected Patamon from his friends. If you have to choose between your best friend and the other friends, the choice should always be clear. I like Waluigi, but his chances of being in Smash prior to DLC are fading fast so he may as well sink down the charts. TK wins.

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Waluigi vs One Above All

It’s time for WAAAAAluigi to enter the fray! Things definitely weren’t looking good for him and his record so it’s time to change that. He is pretty good at playing soccer after all so I think he can really take it to the One Above All. Cosmic abilities don’t mean much against a guy who had enough resolve to even go up against team Mario. One well placed serve and this match is over before it’ll have even truly begun. Waluigi wins.

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Waluigi vs Martian Manhunter

Suggested by Jimmy Biscuits Waluigi has always been a pretty interesting Mario villain. He is good with a tennis racket and he’s also not a bad dancer. That being said, his physical abilities are nothing special and the Martian doesn’t even have to just rely on his super strength. His shape shifting will let him slip around all of Waluigi’s attacks and he can take his time before dealing the knockout blow. Make no mistake, one shot is all that this Manhunter is going to need to end the round. Waluigi just doesn’t have a whole lot of defense to protect him. Martian Manhunter wins.

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Megaman X vs Waluigi

Waluigi may be a rival to Luigi, but his skills aren’t very impressive. It should be relatively simple for Megaman X to charge up his Mega Buster and take him out in a single strike. Waluigi is skilled to be sure, but he’s just not tough enough to fight such a Maverick Hunter. Waluigi loses this round as soon as it begins. Megaman X wins.

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Waluigi vs Nami

Nami may have her weather staff, but I don’t believe that it will be enough to stop Waluigi. Trust me, that’s pretty surprising since it’s not every day that a Mario character can defeat an anime warrior. Waluigi’s access to giant mushrooms and stars will be enough to give him an edge. Nami just can’t defend against that! Waluigi wins.

Update! Nami can take this with her upgraded weather tempo. Nami wins.

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Luigi vs Waluigi

The Arc ends with this fight. Waluigi always acted superior to Luigi, and Luigi usually accepted it. Of course in an all out fight Luigi would clobber Waluigi. Waluigi doesn’t have many of the cool super forms that Luigi does. The power ups are the key in this fight. Waluigi ends the arc with no wins. A sad way for him to finish an arc, but it happens. Luigi wins.