Presence vs Waluigi

Suggested by Destroyer Waluigi is a pretty tough guy, but sports are his forte. I don’t think he is quite ready to take down someone like the Presence…right? That’s what I would have said if I bought into the Presence’s hype, but he’s really just another cosmic being who couldn’t fight if his life depended on it. Waluigi will exploit this weakness very quickly and slam in a home run for victory. Waluigi wins.

4 thoughts on “Presence vs Waluigi

  1. The Presence is pretty tough, but in the end is another featless “Tier 0” character, infact, The Presence isn’t even the strongest DC Character, he isn’t even Tier 0, even if all of his statements were true and if he ever beat anyone, he would still be Tier 2 or Tier 1, just like TOAA. The Most Powerful DC Character is probably Superman Prime One Million, Anyway, in the end, Waluigi has feats while The Presence doesn’t, and the Toon Force is >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> above Omnipotence (if the presence were even omnipotent in the first place,which is a paradox within itself lol), so Waluigi wins.

    • Agreed, Presence really doesn’t have anything going for him at the moment. He needs to don a physical form and actually start fighting people, but I really don’t see that happening anytime soon

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