Dr Manhattan vs Presence

Suggested by Sonic The Presence may be a very intense cosmic being but we haven’t really seen the guy get up close and personal in the fights. Dr Manhattan has actually shown up to take down the Justice League at one point and has used many different abilities. Ultimately that is why the Presence will not be able to compete, he just doesn’t have those kind of combat abilities. Dr Manhattan wins.

Presence vs Waluigi

Suggested by Destroyer Waluigi is a pretty tough guy, but sports are his forte. I don’t think he is quite ready to take down someone like the Presence…right? That’s what I would have said if I bought into the Presence’s hype, but he’s really just another cosmic being who couldn’t fight if his life depended on it. Waluigi will exploit this weakness very quickly and slam in a home run for victory. Waluigi wins.

Presence vs Kouki

Kouki returns for another victory! The Presence won’t really fare any better than the One Above All did. Let’s face it, the Presence is strong, but Kouki is just stronger. We can’t underestimate his abilities and Kouki’s powered up forms make him even stronger. There aren’t many cosmic beings who can hope to challenge this fighter. Kouki wins.

Hawkeye vs Presence

The Presence is pretty impressive…at least if you look at his reputation. Hawkeye is a sure shot and his large array of arrows will put most enemies to shame. The Presence wouldn’t be able to handle such powerful attacks and he would be forced to drop down the ranks. Hawkeye is finally getting the respect that he deserves! Hawkeye wins.

Presence vs Vakishim

Vakishim may be a giant Kaiju, but the Presence is a being of pure power. Can any being really hope to stop such a fighter? I’d say so and Vakishim is the perfect Kaiju to do it. His power is so great that he was able to break through the sky and that takes some real talent. Vakishim will definitely be going places, but I can’t say the same for the Presence! Vakishim wins.

Presence vs Rainbow Dash

The Presence may be a being who is more skilled than we all thought, but Rainbow Dash would make quick work out of him. All she needs is one of her quick zoom charges to take him out of the fight. The Presence doesn’t have enough durability to shield himself from such an attack. Rainbow Dash wins.

Assassin vs Presence

The Presence is a pretty powerful individual, but he won’t be able to take out Assassin. Assassin’s sword techniques are out of this world and his speed allows him to take care of his opponents in an instant. The Presence couldn’t even begin to comprehend such speed and he would be soundly defeated. Assassin wins.

Presence vs Ebirah

The Presence is a high above being of immense power and just by snapping his fingers he could end everything! Well, he can try, but against a being as fiercesome as Ebirah, it’ll have no effect! Ebirah can win this with one snap of his claws. The Presence can’t match up to him. Ebirah wins.

Chunk vs Presence

The Presence is someone that you don’t want to mess with. His abilities are pretty solid and he’s always ready for a fight! Still, there’s no way that he’ll be able to take down The Chunk! The Chunk was able to take down the Flash, which is definitely impressive! The Presence can’t hope to keep up with his raw power. Chunk wins.

Presence vs Godzilla

The Presence is back, but now he’s up against Godzilla! This could get dicey fast since Godzilla has his atomic breath! Godzilla could also give Presence a good punch which could end the match as quickly as it began! The Presence may be back to pwn someday though. Godzilla wins.