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Presence vs Kouki

Kouki returns for another victory! The Presence won’t really fare any better than the One Above All did. Let’s face it, the Presence is strong, but Kouki is just stronger. We can’t underestimate his abilities and Kouki’s powered up forms make him even stronger. There aren’t many cosmic beings who can hope to challenge this fighter. Kouki wins.

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Kouki vs One Above All

The One Above All is back and now he’s up against Kouki! Kouki would easily win this round since he’s the better hand to hand fighter and he has the raw power advantage on his side. The One Above All would be better off trying to achieve a tactical retreat instead of taking Kouki on. Kouki will just prove to be too much for him. Kouki wins.

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Marcus vs Kouki

Kouki is one of the cooler villains in the Digimon franchise and he was definitely a tough opponent, but Marcus will be able to defeat him. Marcus has proven that he can hold his own against Kouki in a hand to hand fight and that was before his training. Adding in Agumon makes this fight a pretty big blow out. Marcus wins.