Marcus vs Sol Badguy

Suggested by Mehama Sadafa Sol is definitely a very powerful opponent. He can dish out punishing attacks in close quarters combat and his speed makes it difficult to counter. Marcus has a lot of raw power in his own right, but he would be dominated in a close quarters confrontation. Fortunately for him he has Agumon and their Mega form at the ready. Once he ascends to his final forms then the outcome flips and Sol is now the one who is lacking in strength and speed. Marcus wins.

Kyo Kusanagi vs Marcus

94. Kyo
Suggested by Mehama Sadafa Kyo Kusanagi makes his debut onto the blog with this fight. He’s definitely a skilled fighter whose abilities are amped up with his energy attacks. Marcus is in a similar situation and by the end of the series he was still improving. In terms of pure technique I think Kyo would have the edge here, but Marcus’ raw power is on a different level. Once you throw in his Digimon and their combo moves then Kyo really ends up getting left behind. Marcus wins.

Marcus vs Buu

Marcus may be coming off a big win, but I’m afraid that it’s all over here. He doesn’t really have any way of hoping to stop Buu. Buu is way stronger than Marcus and he is also considerably faster. He has absorbed Gohan in the past which gave him a form that can barely even be comprehended. He could end the solar system many times over with a single attack. If that isn’t true power then I don’t know what is. Things aren’t looking good for Marcus. Buu wins.

Marcus vs Hao

Marcus is the Digidestined of legend. He’s so much stronger than the rest of the humans in the series that you would think he is from DBZ. His Agumon also got some incredible forms like Shine Greymon Burst Mode. (Or was it Rise Greymon? One of those two) Meanwhile Hao is the Shaman King and so naturally he has a ton of abilities. He didn’t get to show them off too much but made up for it with the moments that he did get. In particular his final fight with the rest of the main characters was pretty impressive. It’s a tough pick, but I think Marcus has this. His durability will go a long way here and Greymon Burst Mode is quite fast. It’ll be tough for Hao to stay on top. Marcus wins.

Marcus vs Goku

Suggested by Destroyer Marcus is an awesome character and his punches are even able to hurt Mega level Digimon. That is no small feat but Goku is still quite a bit stronger. Moreover, Goku has many transformations and can also teleport. Marcus doesn’t have an answer for these options and won’t be able to keep up with Goku for long. This is the true power of a saiyan. Goku wins.

Scooby Doo vs Marcus

This is a tribute to the new Scooby Doo WWE film. Scooby Doo didn’t look very good and he was basically used by all of the villains. He tried to make up for this with his close combat skills, but he lacked confidence. He really could have looked a whole lot better and one could almost say that his showing was disappointing. I definitely wouldn’t argue that and that’s why Marcus is here to knock him down a peg. Marcus wins.

Caesar vs Marcus

This is a tribute to Battle For The Planet of The Apes! Caesar didn’t really look much better in this film and he lost control over his army. I’m afraid that it’s hard to overlook such a blunder and you can bet that this never would have happened to Marcus. Marcus is always in the driver’s seat and he doesn’t back down to anyone! Marcus wins.

Marcus vs Kouki

Kouki is one of the cooler villains in the Digimon franchise and he was definitely a tough opponent, but Marcus will be able to defeat him. Marcus has proven that he can hold his own against Kouki in a hand to hand fight and that was before his training. Adding in Agumon makes this fight a pretty big blow out. Marcus wins.

Kurata vs Marcus

Kurata may be a scientist, but he’s no match for someone like Marcus. Marcus has his DNA charge and one punch would make short work out of Kurata. Kurata isn’t very quick and Marcus would be able to easily overpower him. This may be Kurata’s first match on the blog, but he’s already outmatched. Marcus wins.

Diaboromon vs Marcus

diaboromon (1)
Diaboromon is back, but he won’t be able to stop Marcus. Marcus is easily one of the strongest human fighters in history and he also happens to have one of the very best Digimon out there. No matter how you slice it, Diaboromon is essentially doomed. We saw how he fared against Omnimon and Marcus’ Agumon has a Mega evolution that may even exceed him in power. Marcus wins.