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Marcus vs Sol Badguy

Suggested by Mehama Sadafa Sol is definitely a very powerful opponent. He can dish out punishing attacks in close quarters combat and his speed makes it difficult to counter. Marcus has a lot of raw power in his own right, but he would be dominated in a close quarters confrontation. Fortunately for him he has Agumon and their Mega form at the ready. Once he ascends to his final forms then the outcome flips and Sol is now the one who is lacking in strength and speed. Marcus wins.

3 thoughts on “Marcus vs Sol Badguy”

  1. Yup, Marcus would probably lose if he was fighting alone.
    But if he was fighting with Agumon/ShineGreymon or ShineGreymon Burst Mode, he may defeat Sol, although it won’t be too short, Sol is powerful too. Marcus wouldn’t exactly kill him (considering Sol has immortality ability) but he would defeat him though. (if that makes any sense)
    And the attack he used on King Drasil together with Agumon in the last episode… That would probably help him defeat Sol too.
    Marcus sure is one strong Digimon human, so he deserves some credit for being that tough.

    1. I definitely like Marcus a lot as a protagonist because of the fact that he can actually fight and isn’t just watching his Digimon do all the work. That’s pretty rare in these mon shows so that was definitely really nice to see. Sol’s definitely not to be underestimated though and in a proper one on one with no Digi partner he’s definitely got this

      1. Yup, me too, it’s pretty cool to see a human strong enough to punch Digimon. Not only Marcus, but Data Squad definitely deserves more love too. It was pretty different, but Digimon series always tried some new things.

        Yeah, he can definitely defeat Marcus in no time if he doesn’t use his Digimon partner. But would have trouble if Marcus uses his ShineGreymon Burst Mode.

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