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Marcus vs Hao

Marcus is the Digidestined of legend. He’s so much stronger than the rest of the humans in the series that you would think he is from DBZ. His Agumon also got some incredible forms like Shine Greymon Burst Mode. (Or was it Rise Greymon? One of those two) Meanwhile Hao is the Shaman King and so naturally he has a ton of abilities. He didn’t get to show them off too much but made up for it with the moments that he did get. In particular his final fight with the rest of the main characters was pretty impressive. It’s a tough pick, but I think Marcus has this. His durability will go a long way here and Greymon Burst Mode is quite fast. It’ll be tough for Hao to stay on top. Marcus wins.

2 thoughts on “Marcus vs Hao”

  1. Hmm, can you do Marcus or Tai vs Kyo Kusanagi from The King of Fighters? Just asking, that sounds like a great battle

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