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Dr Strange vs Hawkeye

Hawkeye has really gotten the shaft in the marketing for the Infinity War, but no worries the blog has not forgotten him. He certainly knows some good tricks with his bow and arrow, but I’m afraid that they just don’t have enough power to really hurt someone like Dr Strange. He is really in a completely different league next to Hawkeye and a simple spell will be enough for him to win. No arrow can beat an energy blast. Dr Strange wins.

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Rocket Raccoon vs Hawkeye

This is a fairly close battle. Rocket Raccoon definitely has the better weapons at his disposal, but Hawkeye is a great archer. He has dozens of different arrows and the stronger ones are just as effective as a laser blast. Hawkeye’s a little more acrobatic than Rocket Raccoon and that may prove to be the edge. He also has his Pym Particles at the ready in case he needs to make a quick dodge. Hawkeye wins.

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Hawkeye vs Presence

The Presence is pretty impressive…at least if you look at his reputation. Hawkeye is a sure shot and his large array of arrows will put most enemies to shame. The Presence wouldn’t be able to handle such powerful attacks and he would be forced to drop down the ranks. Hawkeye is finally getting the respect that he deserves! Hawkeye wins.

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Gallantmon vs Hawkeye

Hawkeye has his arrows, but they just aren’t enough to take down Gallantmon. Gallantmon has fought stronger opponents in the past and his durability is pretty high so Hawkeye won’t be taking him down anytime soon. Gallantmon only needs one good hit to win the match and take Hawkeye out of the fight. Gallantmon wins.

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Human Torch vs Hawkeye

Human Torch is back and now he’s up against Hawkeye! Hawkeye is a pretty good archer, but even he would tremble at the thought of fighting Human Torch! Human Torch has incredible speed and with one good fireball he could end this! Hawkeye was out of his league. Human Torch wins.

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Hawkeye vs Emma Frost

I think the cover shows who would win pretty accurately, but I may as well explain. Hawkeye’s arrows are cool, but they may not be able to get past her Phoenix flame. That’s a good way to sum up the match if I do say so myself! Emma Frost rises up the ranks with this win. Emma Frost wins.