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Hawkeye vs Ultron

Hawkeye is tough, but he can’t take on Ultron. Ultron is one of the stronger marvel villains out there and his defense is incredibly high. One blast should be enough to take Hawkeye out. Still, at least Hawkeye got a win before…because things could get dicey for him! Ultron wins.

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Hawkeye vs Hulk

Hawkeye is back and this time he’s up against Hulk! Hawkeye has some pretty tough arrows at his disposal, but I don’t think they can stop the Hulk. They don’t call him the strongest there is for nothing! The Hulk has incredible power and his defense isn’t too shabby either! Hulk wins.

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Soldier vs Hawkeye

Hawkeye has his arrows and with them he can unleash some serious mayhem! The Soldier has his gun and other weapons, but in the end can they really beat someone as tough as Hawkeye? I don’t think so because Hawkeye has a lot of trick weapons up his sleeve. He can turn giant and even has Cap’s shield! Hawkeye wins.

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Hawkeye vs Cyclops

Cyclops has his optic blasts which can take down Hawkeye pretty fast. Hawkeye just didn’t have the skills to take down such an impressive opponent. With one blast Cyclops will have taken him down. Hawkeye has some arrows, but Cyclops is far too fast. I should at least make it a challenge for him! Cyclops wins.

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Hawkeye vs Bass

Hawkeye makes his blog debut. Of course he won’t be winning this match. Bass is a being of immense power and doesn’t lose to any being in all of media. He’s just far too powerful and takes down everyone. Nobody had a chance against someone of Bass’s level. Bass has his darkness overload. Bass wins.