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Sailor Saturn vs Emma Frost

Sailor Saturn is much stronger than Sailor Mars, but even she won’t be able to stop Emma Frost. With the Phoenix Force in her position, Emma Frost is a very dangerous weapon in the Marvel Universe. The Phoenix Force grants her great speed and strength, which make it easy for her to take her foes down for the count. Saturn’s raw power appears to be impressive, but I can’t say much for her speed, which is a big weakness. Emma Frost wins.

Battles, Emma Frost Battles, Sailor Mars Battles

Emma Frost vs Sailor Mars

Sailor Mars is a skilled fighter and her fire abilities can be quite lethal, but her physical speed is what puts her at a great disadvantage here. Emma Frost has the Phoenix Force and it allows her to fly through the air at top speeds while dishing out Superman level damage on the opponent. I don’t think that Sailor Mars can keep up with such a fighter. Emma Frost wins.

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Emperor of Mankind vs Emma Frost

The Emperor of Mankind has arrived onto the blog with this round. It’s a good thing that the match is composite since the current Emperor is slowly dying on his throne! That being said, he would still not be able to defeat Emma Frost even if he was in his prime. Her Phoenix form is simply too powerful and one good fire blast would eradicate him. Emma Frost wins.

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Emma Frost vs Horus

Emma Frost is back and now she’s up against another skilled fighter. Horus possesses enough strength to destroy a man over 10 times with a single blow. Emma Frost will definitely not want to get hit with that kind of power and luckily she won’t need too! Her Phoenix abilities ensure that she cans speedblitz Horus all day without a whole lot of effort. Speed is not his strong suit and while his durability is great, the heat of the sun blasting him will certainly break through his armor given a little time. Emma Frost wins.

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Magnus the Red vs Emma Frost

Magnus the Red makes his blog debut with this round! He’s a strong fighter from Warhammer, but I don’t see him taking Emma Frost down. Emma Frost once possessed half of the Phoenix Force and her abilities were incredible. She gave Thor a pretty good fight and Magnus The Red would have a hard time even damaging her. I’m afraid that he wouldn’t last very long in this round. Emma Frost wins.

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Space Godzilla vs Emma Frost

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Emma Frost once had the Phoenix Force and with it, I don’t think that Space Godzilla will be able to put up much of a fight. He’s strong to be sure, but Emma Frost is a lot faster and possibly stronger as well. Space Godzilla may have lost this round, but he may be back one day. Emma Frost wins.

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Emma Frost vs Invisible Woman

The Invisible Woman is back, but now she’s up against Emma Frost. Emma Frost obtained a large portion of the Phoenix Force. While she didn’t get to obtain all of it, I believe that she obtained around 50%. That’s still a lot of power to wield and I don’t think that the Invisible Woman could stop her. Emma Frost wins.

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Hawkeye vs Emma Frost

I think the cover shows who would win pretty accurately, but I may as well explain. Hawkeye’s arrows are cool, but they may not be able to get past her Phoenix flame. That’s a good way to sum up the match if I do say so myself! Emma Frost rises up the ranks with this win. Emma Frost wins.

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Tengu Shredder vs Emma Frost

Tengu Shredder is back, but he’s gonna lose this match. In Diamond Form Emma Frost is pretty powerful and can match up to Tengu Shredder. Aside from that she also (very) temporarily got the Phoenix Force. Of course in the end she doesn’t need that to take down Tengu Shredder. Emma Frost wins.

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Jean Grey vs Emma Frost

Jean Grey has beaten Emma Frost up pretty easily in the past. It would be a simple matter to do so again. Emma Frost may have strong telepathic powers, but they still aren’t Phoenix Level. Jean Grey has the power of the stars and stuff. With one full blast she could take down Emma Frost. Emma Frost takes a heavy loss in this match, but maybe she’ll be back. Jean Grey is still doing pretty well on the blog. Jean Grey wins.