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Emperor of Mankind vs Emma Frost

The Emperor of Mankind has arrived onto the blog with this round. It’s a good thing that the match is composite since the current Emperor is slowly dying on his throne! That being said, he would still not be able to defeat Emma Frost even if he was in his prime. Her Phoenix form is simply too powerful and one good fire blast would eradicate him. Emma Frost wins.

3 thoughts on “Emperor of Mankind vs Emma Frost”

  1. Lolno. The Emperor withstood attacks from Horus who was powered up by all four chaos gods and did not fight back because Horus was his favorite son and he wanted to believe that there was a chance to bring him back to good. It was only when Horus killed a Space Marine who tried to defend the Emperor, did he realise Horus was too far gone from redemption so in his weakened state, he still managed to fire a supernova level attack from his eyes and obliterate Horus including HIS SOUL, flaying it from existence. Emma has no chance against a full power Emperor. Change the verdict NOW.

    1. Those feats all sound impressive per say, but I don’t see them holding up so well in actual practice. How do you know that his final attack was a supernova level blast? Either way, Emma Frost has the major advantage here thanks to the Phoenix Force so she can out speed him.

      1. Says so in the 40k Horus Heresy novel about the supernova feat. Speed? He’s faster than the Primarchs who are all around FTL, hypersonic +. Strength? He punched a C’tan Necron god (Void Dragon) into Mars from earth. Thats how strong he was. Emma Frost loses

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