Shadow Android vs Sailor Saturn

Suggested by Destroyer Sailor Saturn returns but she is no match against the Shadow Android. He’s just too fast and while he may not have as much destructive power as Saturn, the blows will still be enough to take down her defenses and ultimately win him the match. The difference in speed makes the raw power irrelevant in the end. Shadow Android wins.

Sailor Saturn vs Rias Gremory

Suggested by Sonic Sailor Saturn’s a fun character to be sure, but she is completely out of her element here. Rias has powerful hell bolts at the ready and a single blast would obliterate Saturn. Saturn’s own projectiles are formidable as well but they just aren’t at the same level. She can’t spam them as well and isn’t fast enough to keep up with Rias. Ultimately this will be her undoing. Rias Gremory wins.

Mini Moon vs Sailor Saturn

Mini Moon’s a nice kid, but she’s a little out of her depth here. Sailor Saturn is one of the strongest characters in the whole Sailor Moon franchise and I just don’t see her even getting much of a challenge from Mini Moon. Mini’s evil form definitely gives her a considerable power boost, but it simply isn’t enough in this round, not when Saturn can just blow up the planet. Sailor Saturn wins.

Sailor Saturn vs Emma Frost

Sailor Saturn is much stronger than Sailor Mars, but even she won’t be able to stop Emma Frost. With the Phoenix Force in her position, Emma Frost is a very dangerous weapon in the Marvel Universe. The Phoenix Force grants her great speed and strength, which make it easy for her to take her foes down for the count. Saturn’s raw power appears to be impressive, but I can’t say much for her speed, which is a big weakness. Emma Frost wins.

Sailor Saturn vs Azumarill

Sailor Saturn is back and this time she has an easy match against Azumarill. Azumarill may be a tough fighter, but he’s never been at the same level as Sailor Saturn. Sailor Saturn has enough power to take Azumarill out in one shot. She doesn’t even need any of her beams in this round. Sailor Saturn wins.

Sailor Saturn vs Tengu Shredder

Sailor Saturn has always been one of the stronger Sailor Scouts and could easily beat Tengu Shredder. Tengu Shredder has his sword, but he lacks the speed and power that a Sailor Scout has. Tengu Shredder takes a loss, but he’ll be back soon. Sailor Saturn gets herself a win and moves up. Sailor Saturn wins.

Update 11/14/20 Tengu Shredder’s speed and strength will help him overcome the difference in their attack abilities. Tengu Shredder wins.

Sailor Saturn vs Alucard

Well Alucard is a tough being who has lately been getting his share of wins. Sailor Saturn has been a 1-0 for a long time so she had a long run before she was finally dropped. Alucard’s final smash, Fire explosion, attack will do the trick here as it always does. Alucard wins.