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Unggoy vs Hunter (Halo)

The Hunter is back and after his rough defeat last time…he’s back with a vengeance! Unggoy may also have a gun, but he isn’t quite as skilled as a Hunter and I’d wager that his defense wouldn’t hold up that well against a powerful energy blast. There are few opponents who could last against such a devastating blaster. Hunter (Halo) wins.

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Sangheili vs Hunter (Halo)

Sangheili makes his blog debut and these guys are a bit tougher than the Hunters. They both have energy blasters, but Sangheili’s defense is a little more sturdy. Once you give him the good ole energy blade…then the battle is over. The Hunter will have become the hunted and Sangheili won’t look back. It’s all uphill for him from here….or is it? Sangheili wins.

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Jiralhanae Chieftain vs Hunter (Halo)

Jiralhanae Chieftain makes his debut on the blog and he’s a pretty skilled fighter. The Hunter has some pretty good energy blasts at his disposal, but the Chieftain possesses really good armor that can stand up against multiple blows. That doesn’t bode very well for the Hunter and he will have to take a loss. Jiralhanae Chieftain wins.

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Hunter (Halo) vs Link

This would be a pretty good match. The Hunter is essentially a much weaker version of Samus, but he’s still deadly in combat. One good energy blast would be enough to deal a whole lot of damage to Link. Link will need to perform perfectly with his shield and his Light Arrows will provide him with some cover. It’ll be a tough battle, but Link’s tactical mind and array of weapons should help him secure a victory. Link wins.

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Hunter (Halo) vs Tank (Left 4 Dead)

The Tank is one of those enemies that you never want to bump into without your laser blaster. Luckily for the Hunter, he comes equipped with an energy gun of immense power. A couple of good shots should take the Tank down for the count. Maybe he’ll be back for a win one of these days. Hunter (Halo) wins.

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Hunter (Halo) vs Darknut

The Hunter (Halo) is back and he’s ready to rock. The Darknut has a pretty solid defense and some high attack power at his disposal. Still, defeating the Hunter (Halo) is a feat that he won’t be able to accomplish in this round. The Hunter (Halo) will just prove to be too quick. Hunter (Halo) wins.

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Carbonite War Droid vs Hunter (Halo)

The Carbonite War Droid is a being to be feared. One blast could put some of the stronger guys out of the fight for a while. Defying this guy is definitely not a wise thing to do. Luckily for the Hunter, he’s quick on his feet and has a blaster of his own. I’d say that he takes this round. Hunter (Halo) wins.

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Hunter (Halo) vs Hunter (Half Life)

Hunter (1)
Hunter (Half Life) can be pretty dangerous. One good stab may be able to take some tough opponents down. Still the Hunters from Halo are pretty deadly. Their armor is immensely durable and with their blasters, they can take you down extremely fast. Hunter (Half Life) has lost this round. Hunter (Halo) wins.