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Tank (Left 4 Dead) vs Larry Appleton

Suggested by Jimmy Larry Appleton has returned once again, but things still aren’t looking very good for him. I’m sure that he’s probably a likable character, but that doesn’t translate very well into actual combat. I’m a little doubtful about whether or not he can really do much against a superhuman zombie. Most likely, the Tank will have ended this fight as quickly as it started. Maybe Larry will be able to win one of his final fights as his array of requested matches has nearly finished. Tank (Left 4 Dead) wins.

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Hunter (Halo) vs Tank (Left 4 Dead)

The Tank is one of those enemies that you never want to bump into without your laser blaster. Luckily for the Hunter, he comes equipped with an energy gun of immense power. A couple of good shots should take the Tank down for the count. Maybe he’ll be back for a win one of these days. Hunter (Halo) wins.

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Tank (Left 4 Dead) vs Bass

Tank (Left 4 Dead) is back, but this time he’s up against Bass! Bass is extremely powerful and with a single blast he can win this fight! Tank (Left 4 Dead) is tough, but he just can’t deal with a being as ultimately powerful as Bass! Bass rises up the ranks with this win. Bass wins.

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Tank (Left 4 Dead) vs Ram (Dead Island)

The Ram is good at charging and all, but in the end I think Tank has this. He has some pretty impressive punches and I think he’s the stronger fighter. Ram loses his second fight, but the important part is that he got to fight again on the blog. Maybe he’ll be back soon. Tank (Left 4 Dead) wins.