Sailor Saturn vs Tengu Shredder

Sailor Saturn has always been one of the stronger Sailor Scouts and could easily beat Tengu Shredder. Tengu Shredder has his sword, but he lacks the speed and power that a Sailor Scout has. Tengu Shredder takes a loss, but he’ll be back soon. Sailor Saturn gets herself a win and moves up. Sailor Saturn wins.

Update 11/14/20 Tengu Shredder’s speed and strength will help him overcome the difference in their attack abilities. Tengu Shredder wins.

20 thoughts on “Sailor Saturn vs Tengu Shredder

  1. Hii, is the author of this blog named Nancy by any chance?? she had a similar Id on another site and is an ex-schoolmate of mine with who I haven’t been in touch for a few years now. Nice blog!! Tk care and have a nice day!!

  2. The tengu shredder is Way more powerful than all the sailor gaurdians combined, and is perhaps even more powerful the silver crystal.

  3. Sailor Saturn is indeed streng enough to destroy a whole planet, but I Think if the tengu shredder Can reshape all of reality he can most certainly also destroy it and maybe even the entire universe.

    • I’d make the case that Tengu Shredder can’t destroy a planet though. Reshaping reality and universes is a lot different from actively destroying them. It’s a different skillset

  4. the tengu shredder is not just ruthless his the purest of evil, in my point of view if the tengu shredder had known of the universe he would not had stop until the entire universe was transformed into a demonic hellscape full of demons and the undead under his rule

    • The guy is definitely as evil as they come. Tengu Shredder really doesn’t care who he is up against. He crushes everyone all the same and doesn’t hold back. You can’t help but respect his resolve to win. The guy doesn’t go down easy. I still don’t think he’d be able to beat Saturn head on though

  5. the tengu shredder is both to be respected and feared, because his armor with the helmet on with the blood red eyes along with his totally terrifying voice and laughter is enough to give you nightmares for life and after in my point of view, plus he defeated eight warriors ( who wielded magical weapens) single handedly without breaking a sweat using both his swordmans skills and his dark magic alone,

    • I do agree that he should certainly be respected and feared. The guy proved to be probably the most impressive TMNT villain I’ve seen in a very long time. The only character I would say that could match up was Shredder’s new mystical form in the recent show but otherwise Tengu really showed us a brand new level of power

  6. The tengu Shredder was and is the most powerful warrior and the greatest of the five dragons, he is so powerful it took everything the ninja tribunal had to take him out together, for if they battled him one on one he would had destoyed them, the new mystical Shredder also proved to be super powerful but I’ll only put him as second because even tho he is a demon too he is not The Tengu Shredder who is true most evil and most powerful version of the caracter in my opinion.

    • That’s true, Tengu looked really good there and it took everything the Turtles had to stop him. I would say though that Saturn was shown to be a planet destroyer with minimal effort though. I don’t see Tengu being able to take on the Dead Scream attacks very easily and the damage they would unleash would be absolutely massive.

  7. the tengu shredder can Both beat sailor Saturn in hand to hand combat and by use of full powered dark magical powers, because he Can reshape the whole universe and beyond that will make him unstoppable and superior to all the sailor guardians combined sailor Saturn included.

    • Tengu Shredder is definitely pretty great but enough to take down all of the Sailor Scouts combined? That seems like it would be a bit much even for him. That’s just so many fighters to have to deal with at the same time, seems to me like he would just be overwhelmed

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