Samus vs Master Chief

Master Chief is here and he’s ready for action. He and Samus have always been big rivals. They’re pretty similar, but in the end Samus takes the win here. She has superior tech and if it came down to hand to hand combat I’m pretty sure she’d still take the win. Master Chief just loses this one hands down.

Samus has the legendary Zero Laser which is a beam of such raw power that it would destroy Master Chief in one hit. She also has missilles, energy beams, and even an energy whip. Master Chief has his guns, but they wouldn’t be able to hit Samus thanks to her Super Speed. Master Chief may not even get a hit in one this one. A lot of his guns wouldn’t even be able to break Samus’s armor. He’s toast in this one. Samus wins.


6 thoughts on “Samus vs Master Chief

  1. Both are genetically enhanced super-humans wearing a full-body armored suit. One has ballistic weapons and explosive grenades. One uses particle beams and morphing technology. Who is deadliest?

    Each warrior will be examined in four categories: close combat, ranged combat, armor, and special attacks. We will be using the Master Chief from Halo: Combat Evolved and Samus Aran, with all power-ups, from Metroid Prime.


    The Master Chief carries a MA5B Individual Combat Weapons System (MA5B). A high-powered Battle Rifle that can also be used as a melee weapon. The MA5B is not very accurate at a distance, but up-close it can be deadly.

    Samus Aran’s close combat weapon is her Morph Ball and Energy Bombs. She has no direct Melee attack, but by morphing into a ball and dropping some energy bombs she can provide a devastating attack while she retreats and gains better ground.


    Samus Aran is not built for extended close-quarters combat. Her only option is to lay some energy bombs and retreat. Meanwhile the Master Chief IS built for close-quarter combat. His MA5B is perfect for melee or picking off anyone getting too close.


    The Master Chief carries a M6D Pistol (M6D). It is a highly powered, some say over-powered, pistol that is excellent at ranged combat. Its only limitation is its limited ammunition.

    Samus Aran’s Arm Cannon is her primary weapon and a devastating one as well. It can fire plasma, ice, or fire beams, as well as missiles. She only has a limited amount of missiles, but she does have infinite fire from her arm cannon.


    The M6D Pistol is an excellent weapon, but the Arm Cannon has unlimited ammo and different types of particle energy beams.


    The MJOLNIR armor that the Master Chief wears is a state of the art, piece of technology that genetically enhances his abilities and health. After being hit, the armor looses its charge, but after about ten seconds it recharges.

    The Chozo Power Suit that Samus Aran wears is a state of the art, piece of technology that genetically enhances her abilities and health. The Chozo Power Suit has no recharge ability, but has a vastly more powered shield that can take a lot more damage then the MJOLNIR armor at one time.


    Both suits of armor enhance the abilities of the wearer and will increase their ability to take damage. One major difference between them is one has weaker shields but can infinitely recharge, the other has stronger shields but when they are gone, they’re gone. Each type of suit influences a particular fighting style, as we will see later.


    The main special attack of the Master Chief is the M9 High-Explosive Dual-Purpose Grenade (M9 HE-DP), or the Fragmentation Grenade. It has a 3-second timer, and a 5-foot radius when detonated.

    Samus Aran’s special attack is her Grapple Beam. While not a direst weapon, it can be used to keep a foe at bay and to quickly move around to gain better position.


    Both warriors have very different special attacks that seem to neutralize each other. The Master Chief can throw grenades and Samus Aran can dodge them fairly easily.


    This battle comes down to whose armor will last. Samus Aran‘s Power Suit has lots of energy, but once the Master Chief gets through it, it is over for her. Meanwhile Samus Aran has to attack the Master Chief and keep up the attack, or his MJOLNIR armor will just recharge. To further complicate things, Samus Aran is not built for sustained close combat attacks, for her main tactic is to drop some bombs and retreat. Retreating will allow the Master Chief’s armor to recharge, while any damage Samus Aran took is permanent. Where Samus Aran does have the advantage is in firepower. The Master Chief’s ballistic weapons cannot compare to the Arm Cannon. And more importantly, the Arm Cannon does not run out of ammo while the ballistic weapons will.

    • Not only did that whole chunk of information look copy and pasted from somewhere else, it also seems largely biased and inaccurate. Samus definitely takes this one though

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