Mikasa vs Samus

Suggested by Destroyer Mikasa is definitely a very solid fighter and she’s always been a pretty cool character. That being said, she isn’t quite ready to take on Samus. Both of them are basically superhuman in terms of physical ability, but Samus has the decisive advantage when you take into account her armor. With that she heavily outranks Mikasa in both power and speed. Samus also gets an incredible arsenal of projectiles that she can use to completely overwhelm the scout. Samus wins.


Lucario vs Samus

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for a battle of powerhouses. Samus has a lot of power in that armor of hers and can easily land some devastating hits in close quarters thanks to her speed and agility. It won’t be enough to stop Lucario though. Lucario was already powerful before he obtained his Mega Evolution. With it he has ascended to a much higher level than Samus and she just won’t be able to keep up with his speed. Lucario wins.

Samus vs Bewear

Suggested by Sonic Bewear and Samus are both heavyweights whose attacks pack a lot of power behind them. Samus does have the edge in speed though and her long range options are certainly better. I don’t think this will be an easy fight, but at the same time I do think it’s one that Bewear will certainly lose. Samus has too many options with her various armors and she is also the more strategic fighter. Bewear won’t be catching her unaware. Samus wins.

Mega Man vs Samus

Suggested by Sonic Samus is a strong fighter and certainly one of Nintendo’s most powerful protagonists. Her speed is at a high level and her Zero Laser is likely more powerful than any of Mega Man’s attacks. Mega Man does still have the edge physically though as we’ve seen what he is capable of in titles like Gigamix. He has more defense than Samus and what he lacks in martial art skills he makes up for in his large arsenal of abilities. Samus won’t be able to get past his skills and experience. Mega Man wins.

Kiva vs Samus

This is going to be another close loss for Kiva. I’d say that his physical stats are all fairly close to Samus. They’re both very fast as well as very strong. This really comes down to the fact that I consider Samus to be a little faster than Kiva and that I believe her Zero Laser would take him down for the count. Things look troubling, but I’m sure that Kiva can find his way back to the winner’s circle! Samus wins.

Samus vs Ryu

Samus is one of the stronger Nintendo leads and she can fight well from short or long range. That being said, it’s not enough to take Ryu down for the count. Ryu isn’t used to fighting weapons with advanced technology, but that will only give Samus a slight edge. Ryu still has the superior speed and fighting ability at his disposal and his discipline in the martial arts will help him keep calm. Ryu’s Hadouken will be able to get past all of the weaponry Samus has. Ryu wins.

Wario vs Samus

Wario may be a pretty well known Mario character, but that doesn’t mean that he’s actually very skilled. He’s fairly slow and Wario’s array of attacks are not very dangerous. Samus will have no trouble dodging Wario’s blows while unleashing her devastating energy blasts and missiles. A few hits will definitely take Wario out of the fight so this battle won’t last very long. Samus wins.

Lucina vs Samus

Samus Lucina
Speed has been one of the advantages that Lucina could count on in just about all of her fights, but that is definitely about to change with this round. Samus is faster than Lucina and she could hold her own in a hand to hand fight. Of course, Samus doesn’t even have to test her mettle like that since she can easily win this fight from afar with her arm cannon. Samus wins.

Robin (Fire Emblem) vs Samus

Samus Robin
Robin is back once again and now he is up against the skilled bounty hunter known as Samus! Her speed is far greater than most of the other Smash Bros fighters and her long range abilities really tip the scales in her favor. Robin won’t have time to use any of his stronger spells and his sword will do him no good. Samus wins.

Luigi vs Samus

Samus Luigi
Luigi is a pretty good plumber and his attacks are certainly hard to deal with, but Samus has fought stronger opponents. Luigi just wouldn’t be much of a threat against her and one good Zero laser would be enough to end things. Samus is a lot faster than Luigi and her weaponry is superior. Samus wins.