Lucario vs Cinder

Suggested by Destroyer Lucario and Cinder both use a lot of energy based attacks in order to try and secure the win. They’re both quite powerful but at the end of the day there can be only one winner. Cinder’s maiden powers give her a big advantage in overall attack power which is what will help her out here a lot. She can fly and shoot impressive blasts of fire, Lucario won’t be fast enough to dodge her and will have a difficult time trying to win in a battle of strength. Cinder wins.

Dark Necrobat vs Lucario

Suggested by Anonymous The Dark Necrobat is a Megaman X villain that I’m actually not too familiar with. I like the design though and he can definitely fight fairly well. He even has limited time stop abilities which is always handy. That being said, he still isn’t ready for Lucario’s immense speed and hand to hand fighting abilities. Lucario can switch things up by firing a giant laser blast or he can get in close. Necrobat doesn’t have the stats to keep up. Lucario wins.

Lucario vs Samus

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for a battle of powerhouses. Samus has a lot of power in that armor of hers and can easily land some devastating hits in close quarters thanks to her speed and agility. It won’t be enough to stop Lucario though. Lucario was already powerful before he obtained his Mega Evolution. With it he has ascended to a much higher level than Samus and she just won’t be able to keep up with his speed. Lucario wins.

Squirtle vs Lucario

Suggested by Sonic Squirtle and Lucario are both pretty powerful Pokemon. In their base modes there is no question that Lucario would stomp the water type, but when you throw Blastoise in then things get interesting. That being said, Lucario has better firepower as well as superior hand to hand combat skills. When you mix those two elements in then there’s just no way that Squirtle can claim the advantage. He’s simply outmatched by Lucario’s pure ability. Lucario wins.

Reshiram vs Lucario

Suggested by Destroyer Lucario has been compared to Goku quite a lot over the years and that’s because he is a pretty powerful fighter. He has a good degree of speed and power which will allow him to overwhelm Reshiram. Reshiram can fly but he simply can’t maneuver as quickly or as effectively as Lucario and that will prove to be a problem for him. If only he had a Mega form. Lucario wins.

Lucario vs Kiva

Lucario is one of the more powerful Pokemon to enter the franchise. He has a great Mega form and his aura abilities can greatly amp up his physical and long ranged attacks. Kiva is very fast and has a lot of attack power as well, but I don’t see him putting up much of a fight this time. The gap in skill is just too big. Lucario wins.

Lucario vs Ulquiorra

Lucario had his Mega form, which greatly amps up his speed and attack power. He is easily one of the strongest non-Legendary Pokemon out there, but that being said, it will be tough for him to keep up with Ulquiorra. Ulquiorra was one of the strongest Espada members in Bleach and he reached DBZ levels of power. He could end the fight in the blink of an eye. His two super forms guarantee this. Ulquiorra wins.

Roy vs Lucario

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Roy is powerful, but Lucario has the power of aura. Thanks to Smash Bros, Lucario can fire off Kamehameha waves and his speed is actually greater than Roy’s. These two advantages for Lucario will be way too much for Roy to handle and the swordsman will actually be overwhelmed here. I can’t even say that it will be much of a close fight considering how powerful Lucario is, but it would still be enjoyable to see. Lucario wins.

Lucario vs Big

Big may be a good fisher, but that doesn’t translate very well into combat scenarios. Lucario is still drastically faster than Big and he’s a better hand to hand fighter as well. I don’t think that this whole situation will go very well for the cat and we can count on him being defeated once more. Lucario won’t even need his Mega form! Lucario wins.

Lucario vs Charmy

Lucario is a pretty powerful Pokemon and he was already known as a heavy hitter before he gained his Mega form. You can’t really say the same about Charmy and the gap between these two fighters is pretty considerable. Charmy has his stingers, but a well placed aura blast should take him down for the count. Lucario wins.