Lucario vs Kiva

Lucario is one of the more powerful Pokemon to enter the franchise. He has a great Mega form and his aura abilities can greatly amp up his physical and long ranged attacks. Kiva is very fast and has a lot of attack power as well, but I don’t see him putting up much of a fight this time. The gap in skill is just too big. Lucario wins.

2 thoughts on “Lucario vs Kiva

  1. kiva has a form called garulu which gives him increased speed and a sonic boom technique ability. that would make him be able to speed blitz lucario. Lucario has a good amount of attack power, but he’s out of his league against kiva. also, kiva could use his emperor form if he needed too.

    • Kiva’s sonic boom techniques would make him quicker, but fast enough to match up against Lucario? I just don’t see it this time. Lucario is immensely fast and strong so he would likely be dictating the terms of this fight. In Super Smash Bros Brawl, Lucario showed that he could harness his aura abilities into an incredibly large energy blast akin to a Kamehameha. I just don’t see Kiva standing up to that for long, or even for a little bit although Kiva is certainly very strong. Lucario just gets stronger and stronger as he grows weaker.

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