Palutena vs Daisy

Suggested by Jean Palutena is a goddess who can shoot giant rays of energy. She can fly and possesses super speed as well as the ability to generate explosions out of thin air. Daisy is fast and athletic but she doesn’t have a whole lot of supernatural powers that she can use to counter Palutena. This is what will really come back to bite her here. Daisy needs to get up close in order to dish out damage and I don’t see her being able to close the distance between them. Palutena wins.

Ky Kiske vs Palutena

Suggested by iKnowledge This was definitely a pretty tough battle. Palutena has a ton of powerful energy options at her disposal and even a mini black hole to slow opponents down with. This is all to help counter the fact that her speed isn’t all that great. Meanwhile Ky has the speed on point but his attacks don’t have the same punch that Palu’s do. So at the end of the day this is a question of power vs speed. Speed doesn’t always win in these cases but it certainly helps to have this. Ultimately I would give it to Ky. I think he would be able to overwhelm Palutena with his lightning fast blows and he has enough attack power to deal serious damage. Ky Kiske wins.

Palutena vs Samus

Suggested by Destroyer This one is a bit tricky. Both Palutena and Samus have great offensive options. Palutena can fly and teleport so she definitely has the aerial advantage, but on the ground Samus definitely wins. Samus knows close quarter combat techniques and her suits give her a nice degree of super speed. In the end I’m thinking Samus will take this more times than not. Her fundamentals are simply superior and that really does go a long way. Samus wins.

Palutena vs Villager

Suggested by Destroyer Palutena is a pretty powerful goddess. While we haven’t gotten to see her fight all that often, she never disappoints when it’s crunch time. Her Mega Laser is a powerful technique that would definitely vaporize the Villager. Villager is pretty good at making repairs and helping the town out in general, but I do think he is definitely outgunned here. There’s just not a whole lot that he’ll be able to do against Palutena. Palutena wins.

Ganondorf vs Palutena

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This is a very close match. Palutena is a master of long range combat and Ganondorf is very skilled at close range. One could make a strong case for either of these fighters. Hyrule Warriors is what pushes Ganondorf towards the victory here. It’s close, but his durability is a lot higher than Palutena’s and he should be able to endure the energy blasts for a while. Ganondorf wins.

Dark Pit vs Palutena

unnamed (1)
It’ll take a lot more effort for Dark Pit than it would for the main hero, but I believe that he can still defeat Palutena. It would be a close fight and Palutena has a lot of good energy blasts to hold her own in this battle. It just ultimately won’t be enough and Dark Pit has proven that he can move at high speeds and dodge attacks that would have crushed most opponents. He was a surprising addition to Super Smash, but a fun one nonetheless. Dark Pit wins.

Lucina vs Palutena

Lucina Palutena
Lucina must now deal with a being who transcends the mere mortals that she is used to facing. She was a pretty tricky fighter to battle in the new Kid Icarus game and her large array of projectiles should prove to be too much for this swordswomen. Lucina’s sword attacks are dangerous, but they will not be enough against a foe who can fire away at her while flying. Palutena wins.

Diddy Kong vs Palutena

Palutena Diddy
Diddy Kong is pretty athletic and his skills should not be underestimated, but Palutena has a lot of long range abilities at her disposal and her speed is definitely superior. Palutena has a lot of options on how she wants to defeat Diddy Kong, but ultimately it does not matter. Whether she defeats him with a giant energy blast or with classic hand to hand combat…Diddy Kong is doomed! Palutena wins.

Palutena vs Kirby

Kirby Palutena
Kirby may have obtained many amazing abilities during his travels, but they will not be enough to stop Palutena. Palutena can fire giant energy blasts and her speed is impressive. Kirby would not survive her onslaught of energy blasts from all sides and he would eventually be defeated. Not even the mighty Kirby can defeat a goddess. Palutena wins.

Palutena vs Mario

Palutena Mario
Mario is a tough guy and some would argue that he is the strongest Nintendo fighter. I may not deny this most of the time, but when the going gets tough…I’m pretty sure that Palutena would quickly take the win. She can fire large energy blasts and she seems to be faster than Mario. Having the natural ability of flight is also a positive thing for Palutena and I just don’t see Mario being able to stop her. Palutena has too many abilities and most of them can be lethal to this plumber. Palutena wins.