Ky Kiske vs Palutena

Suggested by iKnowledge This was definitely a pretty tough battle. Palutena has a ton of powerful energy options at her disposal and even a mini black hole to slow opponents down with. This is all to help counter the fact that her speed isn’t all that great. Meanwhile Ky has the speed on point but his attacks don’t have the same punch that Palu’s do. So at the end of the day this is a question of power vs speed. Speed doesn’t always win in these cases but it certainly helps to have this. Ultimately I would give it to Ky. I think he would be able to overwhelm Palutena with his lightning fast blows and he has enough attack power to deal serious damage. Ky Kiske wins.

Ky Kiske vs Vegeta

Vegeta continues his string of victories in this latest match. Ky is a pretty good fighter and he certainly will do his best not to give Vegeta any openings. That being said, it won’t be enough to stop this Prince. Vegeta is simply way too powerful and won’t be going down anytime soon. As always he can win with a single hit here. Ky isn’t ready to deal with universal monsters like Vegeta. Vegeta wins.

Iori Yagami vs Ky Kiske

Suggested by Mehama Sadafa It’s time for a heated battle between King of Fighters and Guilty Gear. Iori is one of the strongest fighters in his series and when amped up with shadow abilities he is truly a fierce threat. That being said, I don’t think he is quite ready to take down Ky. Ky’s thunder attacks will keep him on the defensive and the difference in ability is just a little too great this time. Iori won’t be able to get in close enough to maximize his combo potential. Ky Kiske wins.