Iori Yagami vs Ky Kiske

Suggested by Mehama Sadafa It’s time for a heated battle between King of Fighters and Guilty Gear. Iori is one of the strongest fighters in his series and when amped up with shadow abilities he is truly a fierce threat. That being said, I don’t think he is quite ready to take down Ky. Ky’s thunder attacks will keep him on the defensive and the difference in ability is just a little too great this time. Iori won’t be able to get in close enough to maximize his combo potential. Ky Kiske wins.

3 thoughts on “Iori Yagami vs Ky Kiske

  1. This would be an awesome fight, i think that one day, a GG and KoF crossover game should be made since both are cool series even if GG characters are a bit more stronger.

    But maybe Orochi/Riot of the Blood Iori could stand some chance against Ky, although not defeat him.

    • Yeah, a crossover would definitely be a blast. I think it’s definitely something that’s super feasible too. They could totally get the characters if they want to and that’ll make for an excellent game

      • Very true, it would be awesome to see a crossover between two, it would also be very satisfying to see GG characters fighting KoF characters.

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