Palutena vs Villager

Suggested by Destroyer Palutena is a pretty powerful goddess. While we haven’t gotten to see her fight all that often, she never disappoints when it’s crunch time. Her Mega Laser is a powerful technique that would definitely vaporize the Villager. Villager is pretty good at making repairs and helping the town out in general, but I do think he is definitely outgunned here. There’s just not a whole lot that he’ll be able to do against Palutena. Palutena wins.


Villager vs Duck

Suggested by Sonic The Duck is a pretty nice animal who always does his best to support the Duck Hunt Dog. That being said, he is no match against Villager. Certainly not on his own at least since the Duck isn’t usually much of a fighter. Villager has little combat experience as well, but he has a lot of gadgets which really help to keep him in the fight at all times. One Bowling Ball should do the trick. Villager wins.

Villager vs Bulbasaur

Suggested by Sonic Villager is back once again, but he won’t have any real good luck against Bulbasaur. Bulbasaur has a lot of attacks up his sleeve and can fight from any distance. Then you’ve also got his two evolved forms which increase his abilities even further. By this point Villager is hopelessly outgunned and his slingshots just won’t do a thing. There’s just nothing that really can be done here. Bulbasaur wins.

Lloid vs Villager

Suggested by Sonic Lloid is a pretty nice guy and makes for a good rocket. That being said, his abilities aren’t quite as good as Villager’s. The guy just can’t really fight and won’t know what to do once Villager takes out the axe. Villager may not have a whole lot of combat experience either, but that’s what makes him such an impressive fighter. He’s never let anything slow him down and Lloid is no exception. Villager wins.

Villager vs Ryu

Suggested by Sonic Villager is a nice kid who really knows how to use a lot of different items to his advantage. What he lacks in special abilities he makes up for with strategy. It’s not going to be enough to deal with someone like Ryu though. Ryu has a great deal of power at his side and also has access to dark abilities. When you mix those two elements together there just isn’t a whole lot of room for Villager to do much of anything. He’s simply outmatched by that point. Ryu wins.

Peach vs Villager

Suggested by Sonic Villager is a pretty nice kid who knows how to use all of the gadgets at his disposal. Underestimating him would be a mistake. That being said Peach has her Shadow Queen form. In this mode she can easily block all of Villager’s attacks. He has no means of damaging her and I don’t think it would take many of her moves to bring I’m down for the count either. The gap in their abilities is simply too wide. Perhaps he will do better when he is a little older. Peach wins.

Jack Sparrow vs Villager

Suggested by Destroyer Jack Sparrow is a pirate who was never all that impressive. He tends to get captured in every movie and his plans simply aren’t well thought out. Against an opponent who can summon rockets and catch bullets that simply won’t do. Villager will easily be able to keep out of Jack’s sword range, thereby limiting his options. Villager wins.

Peewee Piranha vs Villager

Suggested by Destroyer Peewee Piranha is an underrated Mario villain who has a great design and packs a punch. The Villager is a great handyman who is loaded with various weapons to help him out, but he just doesn’t have enough good ones to win this fight. His bowling ball will be swatted away and Peewee will be able to land the fishing blow with ease. Peewee Piranha wins.

Cloud vs Villager

Villager really got popular thanks to being in the Super Smash Bros game and I will admit that I’m impressed that he got into the club. It’s always good to see a new fighter and while I don’t like to play as him, his moveset is strong. That being said, Cloud would definitely crush him in a fight. He’s faster, stronger, and has more attack options. There’s really no argument to be made for Villager (That I’m aware of) and Cloud would just need one high speed slice to end this. Cloud wins.

Grasshopper vs Villager

The Villager may be scrambling to fight back in the blog records, but he always has time for a quick win. If anything, that is why he needs a quick win! Grasshoppers are pretty cool and they’re decently quick, but I think it’s safe to say that they are a little outmatched here. The Villager is still a Smash Bros member! Villager wins.