Loki vs X Man

Suggested by Sonic This is a pretty close one since X Man has gotten a whole lot more powerful over the years. That said, I suppose he always was since the guy was said to be as strong as the Phoenix. Loki has had many significant powers of his own over the years like the Destroyer armor, Odin Force, Mjolnir, and other items. It definitely pays to be such a big character in the Thor mythos since a lot of what if scenarios end up helping him. Ultimately I would go with Loki for the win here. He’s more versatile and I don’t imagine X Man’s telepathic attacks will be able to take him out. Loki wins.

Villager vs X Man

Suggested by Sonic The Villager has a lot of tools at his disposal and does know how to fight in a pinch. That said, this will not be enough for him to take down the X Man. X Man has his psychic abilities at the ready and can keep Villager at a distance. From there it will be easy to overpower him with brute strength. Villager has no options left at that point. X Man wins.

Franklin Richards vs X Man

Suggested by Sonic This is a pretty close battle. Both of these fighters have pretty similar techniques and are considered very high tier in the Marvel universe. Franklin has energy blasts, a ton of solid inventions and a sharp intellect. On the other hand X Man is more of a brawler but does have SSS rank telepathic abilities at his disposal as well. It’s a pretty close fight and I think this one could go either way. Ultimately I will have to go with Franklin though. His intellect will help him resist X Man’s telepathic attacks and if you boil this down to who has better energy based abilities than Richards has the edge. Franklin Richards wins.

X Man vs Frieza

Suggested by iKnowledge X Man is a powerful mutant, one of the strongest in all of Marvel. His psychic abilities are on a completely different level. In sheer proficiency he would surpass Frieza in psychic powers, but Frieza’s abilities far exceed X Man’s in all other categories. X Man wouldn’t even be able to see Frieza, let alone defend against his attacks. If all else fails Frieza could just blow up the galaxy and end the fight in an instant. Frieza wins.

Sailor Moon vs X Man

Suggested by Sonic X Man is one of the strongest mutants out there. His TK abilities even rival that of the Phoenix which is no easy feat. Sailor Moon has a lot of heart so I’m sure she could resist the telepathy but his psychic blasts would still deal massive damage. She wouldn’t be able to last in this round. X Man wins.

Lazerman vs X Man

X Man is a pretty powerful fighter, but he’s out of his league against the mighty Lazerman. Lazerman easily outranks him in pure speed as well as power. A good Disruption Blast will break through X Man’s defenses and deal some major damage. Lazerman may have taken a long break from the blog, but now he’s back and he’s ready to roll! Lazerman wins.

X Man vs Bly

X Man makes his debut on the blog, but not even he is strong enough to take down Bly. Bly has some pretty intense sword skills and there are very few opponents who can even hope to defeat him. Bly has been getting a lot of wins lately and it seems that he’ll keep on adding more. Stopping him could be tough! Bly wins.