Brandish vs Bly

Brandish is a pretty talented mage. She may not have shown us a whole lot of attack spells but the scale of her abilities is nothing to sneeze at. She’s definitely not someone that you can afford to underestimate but Bly is well prepared to handle a foe like this. His dark arm blade and raw speed mean that Brandish will be the one playing catch up here. She will have a very hard time dealing with him and sorcery is a bad matchup to raw speed. Bly wins.

Space Dandy vs Bly

Space Dandy is back once again and it’s for his 4th big loss! It doesn’t get much better than that and it’s nice to see him taking some devastating losses. Bly has obtained over 100 wins in the past and you can quickly tell that he is the superior fighter. Space Dandy doesn’t hold a candle to him! Bly wins.

John Ferguson vs Bly

Jimmy Stewart Vertigo
John Ferguson may have been a professional, but he definitely, can’t take on the immense power that Bly has at his disposal. Bly has taken on opponents who could annihilate whole planets in a single shot. I don’t think that John Ferguson could do such a thing. He’s just out of his league in this bout. Bly wins.

Garonewt vs Bly

Bly is far too fast for Garonewt and takes the win with ease. Garonewt won’t be able to keep up with Bly and gets overpowered pretty quickly. Garonewt is strong, but he just won’t be able to fight an opponent as powerful as Bly. Bly is one of the ultimate beings in all of media and he just won’t be defeated. Bly wins.

Baron vs Bly

Baron is back and now he’s up against the mighty Bly. Bly has impressive sword skills and his speed is also immensely lethal. Baron’s a very high tier fighter, but not even he can match up against Bly. Baron may have taken a loss, but he’s not one to stay down for long. Bly has over 100 wins on the blog! Bly wins.

Cunningham vs Bly

Bly is back and now he’s up against the league champ! Cunningham has some pretty good hand to hand combat techniques, but they just won’t be enough to stop Bly. Bly has superior speed and his sword skills are far better than Cunningham’s techniques and he takes a solid win with this battle. Bly wins.

Takeshi vs Bly

Takeshi is a pretty tough pilot and his reaction times are pretty impressive for a human. Bly has a giant sword and one slash is all he needs to take the win. Takeshi is impressive as well, but he just won’t be able to take Bly down. Bly has defeated many strong opponents in the past and keeps on winning. Bly wins.

Raleigh Becket vs Bly

Raleigh Becket is back, but now he’s up against the powerful warrior known as Bly. Raleigh Becket has a lot of fighting experience, but I just don’t think that it will be enough to win this round. Bly has taken down far stronger opponents in the past and his speed is far too intense for Becket. Raleigh Becket takes a loss in this round. Bly wins.

Frank Moses vs Bly

This is a tribute to Red 2. Frank Moses may have a gun, but that just won’t be enough to take on a fighter who’s as skilled as Bly. Bly has taken down stronger opponents in the past and usually with minimal effort. Frank Moses wasn’t quite as impressive in this film and this is one loss that he can’t avoid. Bly wins.

Wizardmon vs Bly

Wizardmon is back and he’s up against the mighty Bly! His skills are formidable, but Bly is one of the strongest beings in all of media. He has nearly reached 100 wins and that’s definitely a pretty good feat. I don’t think that Wizardmon will be able to stop such a powerful being. Bly is just too powerful. Bly wins.