Brandish vs Witchfire

Suggested by Sonic Witchfire has some basic magic to augment her abilities but it won’t be enough against Brandish. While Brandish is hardly one of the stronger Fairy Tail fighters, her size manipulation is dangerous and she has some basic energy projection. Witchfire can’t burn hot enough to overwhelm Brandish in time to claim victory here. Ultimately she will just be on the losing side and just doesn’t have the tools needed to win. Brandish wins.

Brandish vs Bly

Brandish is a pretty talented mage. She may not have shown us a whole lot of attack spells but the scale of her abilities is nothing to sneeze at. She’s definitely not someone that you can afford to underestimate but Bly is well prepared to handle a foe like this. His dark arm blade and raw speed mean that Brandish will be the one playing catch up here. She will have a very hard time dealing with him and sorcery is a bad matchup to raw speed. Bly wins.

Brandish vs Schierke

Suggested by iKnowledge Brandish and Schierke are both powerful mages. Schierke specializes in elemental attacks while Brandish manipulates people and objects. Her ability to turn large may not always be the most effective skill but manipulating the environment is handy. What really holds Schierke back here is Brandish’s augmented physical abilities. A quick hand to hand combo would take Schierke down real quick. Schierke’s not known for her durability and she won’t be able to tag Brandish with an elemental attack quickly enough. Brandish wins.