Gentle Criminal vs Witchfire

Gentle Criminal has returned and the powers of fire don’t scare him. His punches would be enough to block any flame from getting near him. Additionally he’s also got enough speed to dodge any of Witchfire’s attacks. Nothing is going to hit him unless he allows it and from there he can easily turn the tables. Witchfire has no options of attack that would make her a threat to this guy and would need a massive attack boost to even approach him. Despite the guy’s name there is nothing gentle about his fighting style. Gentle Criminal wins.

Keira Metz vs Witchfire

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for a battle of mages. We’ve seen Keira perform many more kinds of spells compared to Witchfire so she has the edge in how versatile her offense is. Witchfire’s more of a one trick pony when it comes to her fire abilities but she has been able to lend her aid to Wonder Woman in the past and has proven herself in terms of speed. Keira’s rapid teleportation can be an issue here but in terms of combat speed Witchfire definitely still has the edge here. I’m confident that she would burn Keira’s chances of victory away. Witchfire wins.