Gentle Criminal vs Witchfire

Gentle Criminal has returned and the powers of fire don’t scare him. His punches would be enough to block any flame from getting near him. Additionally he’s also got enough speed to dodge any of Witchfire’s attacks. Nothing is going to hit him unless he allows it and from there he can easily turn the tables. Witchfire has no options of attack that would make her a threat to this guy and would need a massive attack boost to even approach him. Despite the guy’s name there is nothing gentle about his fighting style. Gentle Criminal wins.

Gentle Criminal vs Deku

Still one of the best fights in all of My Hero Academia, possibly the best fight of them all. Gentle Criminal really gave Deku a hard time and proved himself to be one of the strongest characters in the series. His ability to manipulate the air pressure and bounce himself around is very handy. Still, Deku’s continued to grow since this fight. At maximum power Deku will just be too fast and powerful for Criminal’s tricks to do much more than buy time. Deku is just too much for him and there is always that point where your physical abilities are able to break through any hax that stands in its way. Deku is already at that point. Deku wins.

Hound Dog vs Gentle Criminal

Hound Dog is one of those guys who runs security in My Hero yet that should make you nervous because he wouldn’t stand a chance against most of the big villains running around. Think about it, what is he going to do if he runs into Gentle Criminal? He would get completely crushed the instant he tries to make a move. The guy just isn’t at a level where he can compete. Gentle Criminal is both faster and stronger than Hound Dog. That’s a really deadly combo since you can’t possibly defeat an opponent who outranks you in both stats without some kind of fancy ability. Gentle Criminal wins.