Jessica Albert vs Schierke

Suggested by iKnowledge Jessica Albert has quite a lot of elemental attacks thanks to her appearance in Dragon Quest. She can use explosive abilities, elemental attacks, and a whole lot of other spells. Schierke is a little more restrained in her options and some of them won’t do much of anything like astral projection. Jessica really doesn’t have anything to fear in this fight. She can completely overwhelm Schierke with a frontal assault. Schierke won’t be able to defend against that level of power. Jessica Albert wins.

Brandish vs Schierke

Suggested by iKnowledge Brandish and Schierke are both powerful mages. Schierke specializes in elemental attacks while Brandish manipulates people and objects. Her ability to turn large may not always be the most effective skill but manipulating the environment is handy. What really holds Schierke back here is Brandish’s augmented physical abilities. A quick hand to hand combo would take Schierke down real quick. Schierke’s not known for her durability and she won’t be able to tag Brandish with an elemental attack quickly enough. Brandish wins.

Schierke vs Suiryu

Suiryu has returned to claim another win. Schierke is strong, but this match isn’t really a close one. Suiryu is worlds beyond anything we’ve ever seen in terms of pure power. He was able to knock Saitama around for quite a while even if he couldn’t deal damage and he moves far quicker than the eye can see. Schierke has no way to hit Suiryu with any moves. Even if any did connect they wouldn’t really do any damage. Suiryu is just in another league. Suiryu wins.

Schierke vs Piper Halliwell

Suggested by iKnowledge Schierke has returned and is up against another talented mage. Piper has been possessed many times and as a result has a really large skill set. In terms of options Piper has way more than Schierke, but sometimes quality does beat quantity. I don’t think Piper would be able to block any of Schierke’s most powerful spells and at best would be able to deflect them a bit. In a prolonged battle Piper could likely think of a way to win, but Schierke will keep this quick. Schierke wins.

Schierke vs Sabrina Spellman

Suggested by iKnowledge Sabrina has been a witch for a pretty long time and has a good array of powers at her disposal. That being said, I don’t really think they will be enough to overcome Schierke here. Schierke’s magics have been developed for combat applications from the start. As a result she has some pretty good feats like being able to generate enough water to flood a town. In terms of pure power it’ll be very tough for Sabrina to match that feat or even to come all that close to doing so. She is out of her depth here. Schierke wins.