Jessica Albert vs Schierke

Suggested by iKnowledge Jessica Albert has quite a lot of elemental attacks thanks to her appearance in Dragon Quest. She can use explosive abilities, elemental attacks, and a whole lot of other spells. Schierke is a little more restrained in her options and some of them won’t do much of anything like astral projection. Jessica really doesn’t have anything to fear in this fight. She can completely overwhelm Schierke with a frontal assault. Schierke won’t be able to defend against that level of power. Jessica Albert wins.

Sypha Belnades vs Jessica Albert

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for a battle of mages. Jessica and Sypha both have some good elemental attacks at their disposal. As one of the big Dragon Quest characters Jessica has quite a few good moves at her disposal. Ultimately the deciding factor here is speed. I don’t see Jessica as being able to keep up with Sypha and will ultimately be crushed by a barrage of elemental attacks. Sypha can use just about any element to good effect. Whether she wins with fire, air, ice, or thunder, Sypha has the edge here. Sypha Belnades wins.