Sypha Belnades vs Son

Suggested by iKnowledge Finally the Son is here for a round and he’s definitely the strongest of the trio. Still, that won’t be enough to do a whole lot in this battle. His Force Lightning is dangerous but Sypha is fast enough to dodge it and she will be able to keep up her barrage long enough to get past Son’s barriers. He can handle the defense pretty well in the match but ultimately you can’t win without attacking and Sypha definitely has better agility in that respect. Sypha Belnades wins.

Sypha Belnades vs Father (Mortis)

Suggested by iKnowledge Sypha is a pretty powerful mage. While she may usually be limited to 3 elements, she handles all of them quite masterfully. It’s hard to see Father managing to block her fire bolts for long. Sypha also uses them as boosters like Bakugo which increases her speed. Father can teleport so he can move pretty quickly as well but his combat speed isn’t quite on her level. He would have a hard time dodging or fire and trying to block the ice for very long. Sypha Belnades wins.

Sypha Belnades vs Daughter

Suggested by iKnowledge Next up to face off againsy Sypha is the daughter. She can transform into a Griffin of sorts and also has Force abilities. She won’t fare any better than Sypha’s last opponent though. Sypha will win this in much the same way by alternating elemental attacks and staying in constant movement. It’ll be hard to catch up to Sypha or to predict her next movements. This will leave the Daughter vulnerable to attack and her defenses aren’t great enough to keep her in the game for long. Sypha Belnades wins.

Sypha Belnades vs I-No

Suggested by iKnowledge Sypha has returned, but this time she is the one lacking in speed. I-No has a lot of powerful combos and will completely destroy Sypha in hand to hand combat. Sypha’s best option is to try and put some distance between her and I-No right away but even that will be difficult to accomplish here. I-No is just far too fast and can even make a demon mask of sorts that will deal heavy damage or work as a good distraction for I-No to get in close. Either way, Sypha will needd better speed feats to compete here. I-No wins.

Sypha Belnades vs Jessica Albert

Suggested by iKnowledge It’s time for a battle of mages. Jessica and Sypha both have some good elemental attacks at their disposal. As one of the big Dragon Quest characters Jessica has quite a few good moves at her disposal. Ultimately the deciding factor here is speed. I don’t see Jessica as being able to keep up with Sypha and will ultimately be crushed by a barrage of elemental attacks. Sypha can use just about any element to good effect. Whether she wins with fire, air, ice, or thunder, Sypha has the edge here. Sypha Belnades wins.