Sypha Belnades vs Father (Mortis)

Suggested by iKnowledge Sypha is a pretty powerful mage. While she may usually be limited to 3 elements, she handles all of them quite masterfully. It’s hard to see Father managing to block her fire bolts for long. Sypha also uses them as boosters like Bakugo which increases her speed. Father can teleport so he can move pretty quickly as well but his combat speed isn’t quite on her level. He would have a hard time dodging or fire and trying to block the ice for very long. Sypha Belnades wins.

2 thoughts on “Sypha Belnades vs Father (Mortis)

  1. I don’t deny Sypha’s power(s), but she may not have as much a chance as you think against all the Mortis Ghosts. Simply because of this factor: Given how she was the last antagonist in the Legends continuity before the buyout, and how what that says about her, Sypha is still mortal, and could fall either way. YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary) on the issue of Abeloth, how she was written, etc., but those are my opinions.

    • That definitely sounds pretty impressive but I also feel like a lot of it are ifs and power scaling. The various characters don’t seem to have a lot of feats aside from Abeloth who did have some good fight scenes to her credit

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