Frank Moses vs Howard Aguello

Suggested by Destroyer Frank Moses is back and now he’s up against Howard. Frank’s taken down a lot of 2 bit gunmen in the past and that’s exactly how this match will play out as well. There isn’t a whole lot that Howard can do against an opponent like this. Frank’s got him beat in basically every category. The only sensible thing for Howard to do is to run away at this point. He can’t hope to win and escaping will at least buy him some time. Still, the end result will be the same. Frank Moses wins.

Frank Moses vs Luke Benson

Suggested by Destroyer Luke is definitely one of those guys who is ready to cause a scene no matter where he is at. In a way he’s fairly brave yet that’s just a cover. In actuality he is quite frightened and that’s why he tries to stand up to guys like Superman. He wouldn’t last a minute against a real fighter like Frank. Frank’s an excellent gunman and won’t back down no matter who his opponent is. Frank Moses wins.

Frank Moses vs Chunk

Suggested by Destroyer Frank is a skilled agent who knows how to turn any bad situation into a fortunate one, but it will not be enough to defeat The Chunk. The Chunk can teleport and is invulnerable to an extent. Frank can try shooting him, but it won’t be very useful since the Chunk is bulletproof. It is safe to say that we all may have underestimated this guy. He has given the Flash a good fight and even beat him once so this guy is definitely the real deal. Who knows…this could be the start of an epic onslaught of wins for the guy. The Chunk wins.

Frank Moses vs Bly

This is a tribute to Red 2. Frank Moses may have a gun, but that just won’t be enough to take on a fighter who’s as skilled as Bly. Bly has taken down stronger opponents in the past and usually with minimal effort. Frank Moses wasn’t quite as impressive in this film and this is one loss that he can’t avoid. Bly wins.

Frank Moses vs Mr Ratburn

This is a tribute to Red. Frank Moses was a pretty tough agent back in his day and he has retained most of his skills. Mr Ratburn is a pretty intense teacher and he’s earned a pretty good rep through his tenure. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any firearms at his disposal, so he takes a loss in this round. Frank Moses wins.