King K Rool vs Snake

Suggested by Sonic King K Rool is a powerful foe. He is so strong that his stats are even above that of DK’s. The guy clearly should not be underestimated. While Snake has a huge arsenal of weapons and explosives on his end, they will not be enough to win this round. He is simply too outmatched physically which will take a considerable toll on Snake during the match. He needs some physical enhancements to stand a chance here. King K Rool wins.

King K Rool vs Villager

Suggested by Sonic King K Rool will always be known as a king whether or not he is currently wearing the crown. He’s a villains who demands respect and the other characters are wise enough to give it to him. Villager isn’t really much of a fighter so there’s no way he can stand up to Rool. One good punch would end this fight and while the Villager is crafty, he can’t dodge forever. King K Rool wins.

King K Rool vs King Ghidorah

This was a battle that really depended on what kind of technology King K Rool had obtained in the past. I think King Ghidorah would win this fight if it was man to man, but King K Rool has been known to show up with cannons and hovercrafts. He should be able to outspeed King Ghidorah and dodge any attacks that are headed in his direction. He can then counter with his cannon until the King finally falls. King K Rool wins.

King K Rool vs Galatea

King K Rool is finally back, but this match is gonna be a loss for him. He can’t match Galatea’s super speed and strength. She also has heat vision which can help take down King K Rool. King K Rool had a brief stint of fame, but now it’s over. Galatea rises up the blog ranks with this win. Galatea wins.

DK vs King K Rool

Wow is this sad for King K Rool. He’s DK’s biggest enemy, yet there aren’t many pictures of him fighting DK. I guess he’s not as popular as he used to be. DK wins this match thanks to his Super Smash fighting skills. Not even King K Rool can handle that kind of power. DK wins.