Dark Pit vs Beet

Suggested by Sonic Beet is an incredibly powerful fighter who wields a heavy sword like it’s nothing. Dark Pit has a lot of good weapons and armors at his disposal but they won’t be doing a whole lot to someone like Beet. Beet can just slice his way through the shield. Dark Pit’s best strategy would be to try and put some distance between them but with Beet’s high speed that will be difficult. Beet wins.

Dark Pit vs Falco

Suggested by Sonic Falco is an ace pilot, but is he ready to fly his way through this match? Dark Pit can fly pretty well so he’ll be able to dodge the lasers and then hit Falco with his heavy cannon. Falco’s pretty much doomed once he loses his vehicles so at that point it’s time to call it curtains. This may not be an easy match as stopping those vehicles will be tough, but achievable for this guy. Dark Pit wins.

Dark Pit vs Bayonetta

Suggested by Sonic Dark Pit is very powerful, but he’s definitely a little out of his depth here. Bayonetta is way stronger than him and she has a lot of special abilities that make her even more of a threat. She can stop time and can also use her demonic summons as attacks. Causing a giant arm to appear and throw a punch will stop anyone in their tracks. Dark Pit is strong, but I just don’t think he is strong enough. Bayonetta wins.

Dark Samus vs Dark Pit

Suggested by Sonic Both of these dark characters will now be able to fight in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. While Dark Samus is definitely a very dangerous opponent, she simply can’t keep up with Dark Pit’s extensive arsenal of weapons. His Dark Arm Cannon is very strong and he can fly at high speeds. Dark Samus will simply get outmanuevered here. Her defensive capabilities are certainly at a high enough level to protect herself from Dark Pit’s attacks, but she can’t do this forever. Dark Pit wins.

Dark Pit vs Viridi

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Viridi makes her blog debut with this round, but she won’t be able to defeat Dark Pit. Dark Pit is a powerful warrior and he recently defeated Palutena. Viridi is a lot tougher than she looks, but she won’t be able to damage the speedy Dark Pit. He can spam his long range abilities until Viridi finally goes down for the count. Dark Pit wins.

Dark Pit vs Pit

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Dark Pit is back, but now he’s up against Pit so I can’t see this ending well for him. Pit is just too skilled and he got some massive enhancements in his 3DS game. Dark Pit got to have some of them as well, but being the rival is much different than being the main character. Dark Pit is tough, but anything he can do, Pit can do better. Pit wins.

Dark Pit vs Palutena

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It’ll take a lot more effort for Dark Pit than it would for the main hero, but I believe that he can still defeat Palutena. It would be a close fight and Palutena has a lot of good energy blasts to hold her own in this battle. It just ultimately won’t be enough and Dark Pit has proven that he can move at high speeds and dodge attacks that would have crushed most opponents. He was a surprising addition to Super Smash, but a fun one nonetheless. Dark Pit wins.

Dark Pit vs Kirby

Dark Pit makes his debut onto the blog and his appearance in the new Smash Bros game should quickly increase his popularity. He’s definitely a skilled fighter and it’s tough for any opponent to stand up to his large array of long range abilities. He can also attack from short range so he is very unpredictable. Dark Pit wins.