Pit vs Pharohman

Suggested by Destroyer Pit has a ton of useful tech at his disposal thanks to the 3D game. The question is if this will be enough. I dare say he may even have more firepower than Pharohman. That being said, it just won’t be enough here. Pharohman has enough speed in his Bass form to dodge the attacks and enough raw power to bring Pit down. Pit has stamina and a good amount of defense so he won’t go down instantly but in a battle of attrition there is no way he can win. Pit would need a better clear cut advantage to win here. Pharohman wins.

Dark Emperor vs Pit

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for the Dark Emperor to return to the fight. Unfortunately for him, he still doesn’t have quite enough power to take down someone like Pit. Pit has superior weaponry on his side and a lot of agility. He’ll easily vanquish this monster as he has done the rest. It’s just difficult to defeat a combat angel like Pit. The emperor was dethroned before the fight even started. Pit wins.

Pit vs Wario

Suggested by Sonic Wario has long been a thorn in Mario’s side. He’s the kind of guy who is just always waiting for his moment to shine. It won’t be in this match though as Pit has got him beat. Pit has the better equipment and can easily snipe away at Wario from afar. Wario has his Wario Man form, but even that won’t be nearly enough to put up a fight. Pit is simply too strong. Pit wins.

Ryu vs Pit

Pit is one of Nintendo’s stronger protagonists so he can actually give Ryu a good fight here. That being said, Asura’s Wrath propelled Ryu to new heights. With his newfound abilities, Pit simply wouldn’t be able to keep up with Ryu in a fist fight. The street fighter has more raw power, technique, and speed. Pit’s large array of long range weapons simply won’t be enough to claim this round. Ryu may not need his demon mode this time. Ryu wins.

Dark Pit vs Pit

7573.Kid Icarus 2.jpg-610x0
Dark Pit is back, but now he’s up against Pit so I can’t see this ending well for him. Pit is just too skilled and he got some massive enhancements in his 3DS game. Dark Pit got to have some of them as well, but being the rival is much different than being the main character. Dark Pit is tough, but anything he can do, Pit can do better. Pit wins.

Robin (Fire Emblem) vs Pit

Pit Robin
Robin (Fire Emblem) is a pretty tough swordfighter and his magical abilities make him a serious threat. That being said, I don’t believe that he has what it takes to defeat Pit in this round. Pit can fly and his sword skills are enough to trade blows with Link. Pit has the superior weaponry and that will make all the difference in this round. Pit wins.

Pac Man vs Pit

PacMan Pit
Pac Man is back and now he’s up against one of the stronger warriors from Super Smash. Pit is pretty skilled and the fact that he was able to last against The Hero of Time for so long is a pretty good feat. Pac Man may have a lot of abilities, but this is one meal that won’t agree with him. Pit can keep on firing his arrows from afar and draining Pac Man’s health until the very end. Pit wins.

Villager vs Pit

Villager and Pit will team up
Villager is back and now he’s up against Pit! Pit has some pretty solid energy arrows at the ready and one hit should do some pretty lethal damage to Villager. The Villager may be a strong opponent, but even he is doomed to lose this round. Pit has grown too powerful over the years and he can’t be stopped. Pit wins.

Samus vs Pit

Pit and Samus are Duking it out!
This match is definitely a lot closer than Pit’s other wins against the Smash Bros members. Samus is far stronger than Mario and Link, but also not quite at Mega Man’s level. Pit’s speed advantage is negated by the super speed that Samus possesses. He still has the flying advantage and Pit can match most of Samus’ blasts with his energy cannons. Pit’s energy arrow attacks would definitely come in handy since he can shoot many of them in a short span of time. This is one battle where Samus won’t be able to claim victory. Pit wins.

Toon Link vs Pit

Toon Link vs Pit
Pit is pretty tough and his array of weapons can be very lethal! Toon Link has his Master Sword at the ready, but Pit’s speed will let him dodge the attacks with ease. Pit’s arrows are nearly as good as the Light Arrows and his cannon should work to his advantage. Toon Link may have been out of his league for this round, but he put up a good fight. Pit wins.