Dark Emperor vs Pit

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for the Dark Emperor to return to the fight. Unfortunately for him, he still doesn’t have quite enough power to take down someone like Pit. Pit has superior weaponry on his side and a lot of agility. He’ll easily vanquish this monster as he has done the rest. It’s just difficult to defeat a combat angel like Pit. The emperor was dethroned before the fight even started. Pit wins.

Dark Emperor vs Villager

Dark Emperor Female Villager
The Dark Emperor is a being to be feared, but not even he can defeat the Villager. He is a mysterious being who can float around and charge at the opponent with his fire abilities, but the Villager has a shovel and a lot of dedication at the ready. Armed with all of the items in the Smash game and his battle experience from previous fights…The Villager can’t lose! Villager wins.

Dark Emperor vs Ike

Ike Dark Emperor
The Dark Emperor returns in this round, but he’s up against one of the stronger Smash Bros fighters. Ike just needs one of his powerful swings to take the Dark Emperor down for the count and claim his victory. The Dark Emperor isn’t as quick as Ike and his moveset is limited. This is one battle that he can’t win. Ike wins.

Dark Emperor vs Wii Fit Trainer

Wii Fit Trainer and stuff
The Dark Emperor is powerful, but he’s never dealt with someone as powerful as the Wii Fit Trainer in the past! The Wii Fit Trainer is highly skilled in hand to hand combat and one good hit from her would be enough to take a large amount of health out of the Dark Emperor. He drops down the ranks with this loss, but he gave it his all. Wii Fit Trainer wins.