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Ike vs Basch

Suggested by iKnowledge Basch has many magical abilities at his disposal but his main strength is his exceptional raw power. The guy definitely does not go down without a fight but neither does Ike. The deciding factor here is that Ike’s physical abilities surpass that of Basch. Basch’s magics won’t be able to perfectly even this fight. Ike will be applying too much pressure for Basch to have the time needed to properly counter him. Ike wins.

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Zarda vs Ike

Suggested by iKnowledge Zarda has super strength at her disposal which is definitely useful in any kind of fight. That being said she would definitely be outmatched in speed. Ike has taken on whole armies in the past and his powerful Aether will deal incredible damage with each swing. Zarda is strong, but you need more than strength to take down a fighter like this. Ike is an all around fighter who is ready for any possibility. Ike wins.

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Ike vs Sailor Mars

Suggested by Destroyer Sailor Mars has some pretty good fire attacks at her disposal, but nothing that can quite stop the Aether. Ike’s physical power and speed are leagues above anything we’ve ever seen from Mars. Ike has slain whole armies that got in his way in the past and he’s also a lot more experienced than Mars in combat. It’s hard to beat someone who is more powerful and more experienced. Ike wins.

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Duck Hunt Dog vs Ike

Suggested by Sonic Ike is a master swordsman, but he won’t even need his legendary sword to win this round. Duck Hunt Dog has his Frisbee and an array of other attack options, but none of those are quite as good as Ike’s aether. A quick fire slash should take any opponent down with ease and Duck Hunt has no way to dodge or block the attack. He’s really in a bit of a pickle here. He’s been taking a lot of Ls, but I’m sure that his day will come at some point. Ike wins.

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Ryu vs Ike

Suggested by Sonic Ike is a powerful swordsman, but there isn’t a whole lot that he can do against Ryu. Ryu has learned to control his dark powers and even fought Asura to almost a standstill. He can probably snap Ike’s sword in two and from there the match will be as good as over. Ike can’t keep up with Ryu’s speed or power so he will end up being completely overwhelmed. It’s all over for him now. Ryu wins.

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Elsa vs Ike

Are you familiar with the chant “We Like Ike!?” Well, it’s a pretty epic one that plays whenever Ike is doing well in Super Smash Bros. That’s why you will hear it pretty often as his punishing fire attacks will really take Elsa down a few pegs. Elsa has some good ice magic at her disposal, but I’ve always believed that a good fire attack can easily overpower a good ice blast. Fire is still the strongest element out there and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. It’s simply too awesome! Ike wins.

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Mewtwo vs Ike

“We Like Ike!” is Ike’s chant in the Super Smash Bros series and it is quite catchy, but that’s not enough to make him be strong enough to defeat Mewtwo. Mewtwo can use his telekinesis to wrench the sword away from Ike and that will be game over for the swordsman. Ike wouldn’t last a minute in close quarters combat against a foe as fast and strong as Mewtwo. A few good Shadow Balls should suffice to win the match for Mewtwo. Mewtwo wins.

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Ike vs Lucina

Ike Lucina
Lucina is quick and she’s one of the more skilled fighters to join the Smash Bros group, but she won’t be a match for Ike. Ike’s powerful swings would keep her on the defensive and eventually his flame sword would land a decisive blow. Lucina is quick, but Ike’s reactions are good enough to keep up with her and his durability is pretty sound. Ike wins.

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Ike vs Robin (Fire Emblem)

Ike Robin
This is a fairly tricky fight. Ike is easily superior in swordplay and he would be able to overpower Robin, but Robin’s magical abilities do help to even the playing field. If Robin’s swordplay was a little better than I would give him the edge over Ike. That being said, Ike just has the edge for now with his powerful strikes and he would be able to repel Robin’s magic. Ike wins.

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Ike vs Little Mac

Ike Mac
Little Mac is skilled, but he’s not a match for Ike. Both of them are close range fighters, but Ike has his Great Aether and that increases his range. Not to mention that a hit from a sword would be lethal while Ike would be able to endure a few hits from the legendary boxer. This is definitely a match that Ike can win. Ike wins.