Peewee Piranha vs Duck Hunt Dog

Suggested by Sonic I like Duck Hunt Dong as a character well enough I suppose, but I don’t think he will be doing a whole lot here. Peewee Piranha has a lot more raw strength at his disposal and can crush this guy by jumping on him. Peewee is surprisingly fast as well so it’ll be tough for the dog to dodge for very long. Any steps he takes to evade will only delay the inevitable as his attacks don’t have enough oomph behind them to deal any real damage. DHD is out of his league here. Peewee Piranha wins.

Banjo (Rare) vs Duck Hunt Dog

Suggested by Sonic The Duck Hunt Dog gets compared to Banjo a lot because he’s another fighter who is always hanging out with a buddy. He’s good with a gun, but that’s not going to be enough to take down an all around fighter like Banjo. Banjo can fight from up close or at long distance which is incredibly handy in a situation like this. Duck Hunt will not be able to escape for very long. Banjo (Rare) wins.

Duck Hunt Dog vs Ike

Suggested by Sonic Ike is a master swordsman, but he won’t even need his legendary sword to win this round. Duck Hunt Dog has his Frisbee and an array of other attack options, but none of those are quite as good as Ike’s aether. A quick fire slash should take any opponent down with ease and Duck Hunt has no way to dodge or block the attack. He’s really in a bit of a pickle here. He’s been taking a lot of Ls, but I’m sure that his day will come at some point. Ike wins.

Duck Hunt Dog vs Falco

Suggested by Sonic Duck Hunt Dog has returned, but he won’t fare any better in this battle. Falco is simply too nimble of a fighter. Even if you ignore his landmaster Falco would still be able to win with his energy gun and hand to hand tactics. He is an experienced fighter and while Falco may not follow the rules all the time, he can get away it because of his skilled he is. This will be a clean win. Falco wins.

Duck Hunt Dog vs Toon Link

Suggested by Sonic It’s time for Duck Hunt to show the world what he is made of. He’s a pretty tough little guy who has been through his share of fights. That being said, he doesn’t have the practical experience that Toon Link possesses. Toon Link has gone up against Ganondorf in the past and has quite a lot of weapons up his sleeve. I don’t see what Duck Hunt could hope to do against such a foe and a quick volley of arrows should be enough to win this battle. Toon Link wins.

Duck Hunt Dog vs Wolf

Suggested by Sonic Duck Hunt Dog is a pretty good guy who always does his best to help his local duck. His heroics have earned the respect of many, but respect alone isn’t enough to win a fight. Wolf has the massive edge in attack power and speed. His blaster would be enough to quickly take this dog down for the count. I’m afraid that there just isn’t any way this dog can make a comeback. Wolf wins.

Mr Game and Watch vs Duck Hunt Dog

Suggested by Sonic Mr Game and Watch has returned and this time he has a game plan of success all ready. Duck Hunt Dog is a crafty fellow, but in terms of raw stats he isn’t quite in the same league here. Game and Watch can win up close with his octopus form (I guess it’s more of an octopus than a spider but I think you could make the case both ways) or engage in a projectile battle if necessary. DHD would have the edge in a long range battle, but Game and Watch will prevent that. Mr Game and Watch wins.

Duck Hunt Dog vs Evil Turtle Bot

The Evil Turtle Bot was always a pretty fun TMNT villain. He can use the techniques and weapon mastery from any of the main 4 turtles. He’s a very quick fighter and so the Duck Hunt Dog will be unable to get far enough away to spam his projectiles. What can a frisbee do against a robot with the durability of the Turtle Bot? All of Duck Hunt’s techniques will ultimately be futile here and I fear that he just won’t have many options left available to him. Evil Turtle Bot wins.

Chef Kawasaki vs Duck Hunt Dog

Suggested by Sonic I definitely wouldn’t say that either fighter here is typically used to combat, but they both fight when necessary. Kawasaki has a lot of nice cooking abilities on hand and you don’t want to get burned. Still, Duck Hunt has his exploding cans which will definitely leave a mark and you can’t forget his frisbees. I think he’ll manage to pull out a narrow win here, but it’s definitely the kind of fight that could go either way. Duck Hunt Dog wins.

Duck Hunt Dog vs Yami Yugi

Suggested by Anonymous Duck Hunt Dog may be a resourceful fighter but he will not be a match for Yami Yugi in this round. Yami has a bunch of cards at his disposal including the Egyptian God Cards. With those at the ready it is hard to see the dog getting anywhere near him. Yami will be surrounded by a bunch of monsters at all times so good luck stopping all of them. Yami Yugi wins.