Pit vs Pharohman

Suggested by Destroyer Pit has a ton of useful tech at his disposal thanks to the 3D game. The question is if this will be enough. I dare say he may even have more firepower than Pharohman. That being said, it just won’t be enough here. Pharohman has enough speed in his Bass form to dodge the attacks and enough raw power to bring Pit down. Pit has stamina and a good amount of defense so he won’t go down instantly but in a battle of attrition there is no way he can win. Pit would need a better clear cut advantage to win here. Pharohman wins.

Pharohman vs Kazuya

Suggested by Destroyer Kazuya is a powerful Tekken fighter whose blows really deal a lot of damage. He also has his ogre form which comes fully equipped with laser beams and a not of other useful abilities. That said, he isn’t quite ready to take on someone like Pharohman. Pharohman’s beams would slice right through Kazuya and the fighter won’t be able to gain the advantage at any point. This will effectively nullify his hand to hand advantage. Pharohman wins.

Pharohman vs Shadow

Suggested by Sonic Pharohman really made a name for himself when he took down Megaman back in NT Warrior. He may lack in speed but he does have a lot of power to make up for it. Also, in the anime he would then go on to become Bass which is quite the super form. That said, the anime has less feats there and in terms of stats I would trust Shadow’s speed a whole lot more. Pharohman is strong but just not strong enough this time. Shadow wins.

Pharohman vs Megaman

Pharohman is definitely a powerful being! His skills are immense and thanks to the anime his power is at least 100X greater than usual. Megaman still takes this round, he has more tricks up his sleeve and he has the manga advantage. Still, Pharohman is not too be underestimated by any means! Megaman wins.