Naruto vs Beet

The Last Naruto The Movie Clips (Brief Naruto vs Toneri Footage).mp4_snapshot_00.40_[2014.11.30_13.31.41]
I thought Beet was extremely impressive in his series and he fought several (Mini) DBZ level opponents. His series may have ended very quickly, but at the rate his skills were going, he could have been on Goku level in no time! Alas, the series entered Limbo while Naruto continued to run strongly for quite a while. In this time, Naruto gained incredible powers and by the end of the series he would be able to take Beet down. Beet can no longer stop Naruto in speed or strength. Naruto wins.

Beet vs Zenon

Zenon is a legendary warrior, but we never got to see the full extent of his power. He’s definitely skilled, but I think it’s safe to say that Beet has surpassed him. Beet has taken on many powerful demons and his abilities are definitely immense. One good swing of his axe and Zenon will be taking the loss. Beet wins.

Beet vs Paola

Paola is another magic user, but her abilities definitely won’t be able to match up against Beet’s. Beet has several Saiga (Magical weapons) at his disposal and his raw strength is immense. One good hit and Beet would be able to win the round. Paola just won’t be able to keep up with him in the end. Beet wins.

Beet vs Kissu

Kissu is pretty good at using his magical abilities, but Beet’s a very dangerous close combat fighter. He would close the gap between them pretty quickly thanks to his speed. Kissu’s definitely not a close range fighter and his magic won’t do so well once it becomes a close battle. Kissu loses his debtu match. Beet wins.

Beet vs Superman

Superman is known as the Man of Steel for a reason and he’s immensely powerful, but he won’t be able to take Beet down. Beet has several powerful weapons known as Saiga and with them he’s a very dangerous opponent. He can engage in a long range battle thanks to his blaster and he has plenty of close range combat options thanks to his Lance, Axe, and classic sword. Superman won’t be able to endure his attacks. Beet wins.

Beet vs Bly

Beet is back, but now he’s got to fight one of the blog’s strongest fighters! Beet’s a pretty good swordsman, but not even he can take on the awesome might of Bly. Bly is definitely faster and I’d take him to win in a hand to hand battle. Beet just hasn’t reached his level of ability. Bly wins.

Beet vs One Above All

The One Above All has fought on the blog many times, but he has lost nearly every match. Beet is a newcomer to the blog, but with his intense power and multiple weapons strategy, he’ll definitely be a tough fighter to beat. The One Above All was just his first victim, but there will be more to come. Beet wins.