Dark Samus vs Dark Pit

Suggested by Sonic Both of these dark characters will now be able to fight in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. While Dark Samus is definitely a very dangerous opponent, she simply can’t keep up with Dark Pit’s extensive arsenal of weapons. His Dark Arm Cannon is very strong and he can fly at high speeds. Dark Samus will simply get outmanuevered here. Her defensive capabilities are certainly at a high enough level to protect herself from Dark Pit’s attacks, but she can’t do this forever. Dark Pit wins.


2 thoughts on “Dark Samus vs Dark Pit

  1. Really biased and it’s very clear you haven’t played Metroid Prime at all. Dark Samus’ durability is unmatched and she can simply Phazon corrupt Dark Pit. Dark Samus is only weak to Phazon, which Dark Pit cannot use at all without hurting himself and putting him under Dark Samus’ control. This is such a steamroll win for Dark Samus due to being almost invincible to normal attacks.

    • Dark Samus is quite durable, but I’m still not sure if she can really deal with Dark Pit’s larger scale attacks. Dark Samus has high durability to conventional weaponry, but there’s nothing conventional about Dark Pit’s arsenal. I think this match isn’t nearly as one sided as you may think

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