Raiden vs Akame

Suggested by Random Raiden is a very fast fighter and that will help him stay alive against Akame. Raiden is easily one of the strongest Metal Gear characters and he could very well be the absolute best. What will give him some trouble here is that Akame’s speed may still be greater than his. He’ll put up a great fight and his defense will ensure that the match comes down to the last hit, but I believe Akame will be able to put him away. Her berserk mode and speed are just enough to give her the edge. Akame wins.

Raiden vs Spawn

Spawn is back and he’s up against Raiden this time. Spawn’s attacks can be very powerful and he’s good to go from close range or long range. That being said, his speed isn’t very impressive and that’s where Raiden will take the match. He just needs to slash away at Spawn during his high speed dashes and then deliver the finishing blow. Raiden wins.

Thor vs Raiden

Raiden is back, but not even his super abilities will be enough to take Thor down. Thor’s capable of firing extremely large/lethal blasts of thunder from his hammer and he also has a lot of striking power. One good shot is enough to shatter an entire planet. This is one battle that Raiden won’t be able to win. Thor wins.

Raiden vs Raiden (MK)

This is a pretty good battle between these two Raidens. Raiden (MK) is an expert martial artist and his thunder abilities are very lethal. He also has some regen abilities at his disposal along with teleportation. Raiden has the solid speed advantage and his durability should be able to stand up against the thunder. Not to mention that he can channel electricity into his attacks making them stronger. I think that Raiden’s experience in the field and his heightened durability should help him win this battle. Raiden wins.

Snake vs Raiden

Solid Snake may be the main character of his franchise, (Or the most well known protagonist anyway) but I’m inclined to go with Raiden in a fight. Raiden’s speed and striking power are superior to Snake’s and he’s a very deadly fighter. While Snake would need several good hits to take Raiden down, Raiden only needs one good shot to win. Raiden wins.

Nathan Drake vs Raiden

Nathan Drake is back, but I’m afraid that he won’t be winning this round either. Raiden’s speed is even greater than Ezio’s and his striking power is lethal. If Raiden lands a solid hit on Nathan Drake then the match is over. Nathan won’t be able to endure such a powerful attack. Raiden wins.

Raiden vs Roger

Raiden is a fighter and he definitely knows how to defeat an opponent in one hit. It’s what he does. Roger may know how to sweep a room in a very efficient way, but sweeping has never been as good as fighting. That’s always been my opinion on the matter anyway. Raiden takes this round pretty easily. Raiden wins.

Ryu Hayabusa vs Raiden

Raiden is a character of pretty good speed and power. Once he became a cyborg he could also shoot electricity. Of course Ryu Hayabusa’s still a much faster fighter. Let’s not forget that he has a lot of attacks including Fire wheels, Lightning, Infernos, and a lot of other stuff. Ryu Hayabusa wins.