Raiden vs Spawn

Spawn is back and he’s up against Raiden this time. Spawn’s attacks can be very powerful and he’s good to go from close range or long range. That being said, his speed isn’t very impressive and that’s where Raiden will take the match. He just needs to slash away at Spawn during his high speed dashes and then deliver the finishing blow. Raiden wins.

14 thoughts on “Raiden vs Spawn

  1. Spawn is FTL. He’ll speed blitz raiden to death. The only thing that can kill spawn is a weapon forged in heaven. Raiden doesn’t that. Spawn can also become a god and his power will be beyond that of any other.

    • I’ve never seen Spawn exhibit that kind of speed. He does have the Divine Form, which allows him to fire off very powerful beams, but it’s otherwise pretty inneffective against Raiden since being “All Powerful” is usually more of a title than a help.

  2. Spawn is one of very few who prove themselves to be ” All powerful “. In ways, spawn is like goku. Both are worthy to be called gods even though they are not. Spawn has already reached the feats needed to be a god before he became divine just like how goku exceeded other gods before he became ssj god.

    • Spawn is very tough, but I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a feat to put him on Krillin level, much less Goku. He is a “Cosmic” entity by the end so I can see why he is so high on most debating sites. If I counted some of those cosmic feats that he could pull off; then he would do great. Likewise with the One Above All of course. Combat wise, Spawn has taken on Batman and had the upper hand, which is impressive in itself

  3. Spawn has killed both god and Satan and their armies. He took over heaven, hell, and the universe. The only thing that can truly kill him is decapitation by a heavenly weapon. Otherwise, he is reborn in hell and is stronger than before. He feeds of the sins of others. He can control all elements of nature, has various forms of magic, is an expert with any gun imaginable, has very high intelligence, is a master swordsman, and is a master in hand to hand combat. All of these things put him over any human character in dbz and possibly over lesser saiyans.

    • I have heard about those feats, but they feel empty. Since Spawn can basically destroy reality, I have yet to see if those are physical feats or if he just did it by waving his hand or something. Depending on how it went, those feats may not actually be impressive. The whole nothing can destroy him except a heavenly weapon wouldn’t really work. Everyone can be destroyed so he wouldn’t really have time to go to hell in this fight. If he is destroyed…then he is destroyed. Spawn is definitely a tricky fighter, but I don’t believe that he stacks up in DBZ world. Also, Krillin , Tien, and Yamcha are much stronger than early Saiyans like Nappa and Raditz

  4. If spawn is destroyed with anything other that necroplasmic magic or a heavenly weapon, then he will be reborn in hell. Those feats of him killing god and Satan are true physical feats. He did it with only his skills and abilities, no waving of the hand or hocus pocus stuff. And if what you said about everybody can be destroyed is true, then that would mean every time a dbz character died, they wouldn’t go to the afterlife or be wished back, they would just die. Failed logic.

    • Oh, maybe I misread the context. I was just talking about them fighting on the blog. If Goku died, he would lose the match instead of going to the afterlife and likewise with Spawn. Otherwise, I don’t have any problem with him merely being sent to hell after a defeat and coming back each time. In the comics, it definitely stays like that as with DBZ.

      I’ve never seen how Spawn defeated them which is why I’m skeptical. I will make sure to look into it and see just how impressive it is. Spawn is a cool fighter, but taking on the Saiyans is tough potatoes for anyone

  5. Spawn still wins. He’ll regenerate any damage from raiden not to mention that he is still hundreds of times faster than him. There is nothing raiden can do to defeat him

    • Most of Spawn’s feats are meta. That’s what limits him in this fight. When forced to fight in close combat, we’ve seen Batman hold his own. Spawn has had very powerful forms in the past, but they don’t translate too well into physical feats

    • For example, Divine Spawn can basically end the universe and his reality disruption techniques are off the charts. But, he has not really shown any physical feats except for a possible energy blast. So, he may seem ultra powerful, but there’s nothing to stop someone like Link from still taking him down in a sword fight due to a lack of feats.

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