Vision vs Spawn

Spawn has certainly been a very powerful comic book fighter through the years, but he’s met his match against Vision. The Vision has a good amount of super strength and he’s always been shown to be a powerful fighter. He may have even reached the next level in Marvel Now as his speed is finally being shown as well. I don’t think Spawn will be able to defeat Vision at this point, even with his divine powers. Nothing beats the classic 1-2 punch of speed and strength after all. Vision wins.

Spawn vs Bass

This is a tribute to Spawn! Spawn didn’t look so great as he couldn’t get a handle on his powers and he spent most of the film getting beaten up and knocked around. He can’t afford to be so careless against a foe of Bass’ level. Who are we kidding though…he couldn’t beat Bass anyway! Bass is simply too powerful and a single blow could defeat any foe who dares to get in his way. Bass wins.

Raiden vs Spawn

Spawn is back and he’s up against Raiden this time. Spawn’s attacks can be very powerful and he’s good to go from close range or long range. That being said, his speed isn’t very impressive and that’s where Raiden will take the match. He just needs to slash away at Spawn during his high speed dashes and then deliver the finishing blow. Raiden wins.

Batman vs Spawn

Spawn is a powerful adversary, but he won’t be able to take Batman down for the count. Batman has his GL Power ring and that’s helped him get through many fights. The constructs that he creates are only limited by his imagination. This doesn’t bode well for Spawn, but I’m sure that we haven’t seen the last of him! Batman wins.

Kiva vs Spawn

Kamen Rider Kiva vs Spawn

This match is definitely a lot closer than I had originally guessed. Kiva has a lot of abilities at his disposal including a decent amount of speed and strength. He can make energy fields that can paralyze his opponent while he finishes them off with an explosive slash. Spawn has a lot of regeneration at his disposal and his durability is his main asset. Will it be enough to stop someone at Kiva’s level? It’s pretty hard to say, but I’m actually leaning towards Kiva. He’s tough enough in the shows, but check him out in the video game! Spawn won’t be able to keep up with his speed or his array of explosive moves. Kiva wins.

Superman vs Spawn

Spawn and Superman are some of the stronger comic book characters around! Superman can shatter whole planets with a single shot, not to mention that his speed allows him to travel through time. Spawn is a pretty good long range fighter, but he’s not afraid to get up close and use his chains as a weapon. He has his Divine Form, which can match up with guys like the One Above All in terms of cosmic epicness. Unfortunately, it won’t be enough to stop the Man of Steel. Superman wins.

Spawn vs Thing

The Thing is a pretty decent powerhouse, but strength alone is not enough to win battles. Spawn has some pretty intense regeneration and he’s also got a nice energy blast. The Thing is durable, but he won’t be able to endure the blasts forever. Eventually the Thing would be taken down. Spawn wins.

Red Hulk vs Spawn

Spawn is definitely one of the stronger superheroes out there and he would take this round. Not only is his physical strength enough to deal damage to Red Hulk, but he’s also got a large array of long range abilities that he could use to his advantage. Add teleportation and regeneration to his list of abilities and Red Hulk won’t be able to stop him. Spawn wins.

Spawn vs Pyron

Pyron’s definitely got the size advantage and his abilities are impressive, but I think that he’ll lose this round. It would definitely be a close fight since Pyron and Spawn can match each other blow for blow, but I think Spawn’s impressive speed will prove to be the difference in this battle. Spawn wins.