Superman vs Spawn

Spawn and Superman are some of the stronger comic book characters around! Superman can shatter whole planets with a single shot, not to mention that his speed allows him to travel through time. Spawn is a pretty good long range fighter, but he’s not afraid to get up close and use his chains as a weapon. He has his Divine Form, which can match up with guys like the One Above All in terms of cosmic epicness. Unfortunately, it won’t be enough to stop the Man of Steel. Superman wins.


37 thoughts on “Superman vs Spawn

  1. Did u know u can only beat spawn with a holy weapon forged forged in heaven if he’s in his normal form any thing higher than that he can’t be sent back to hell

      • No you can’t otherwise they’re not immortals they just have high durability only immortals can kill or destroy other immortals

      • Immortals can be damaged or banished through magical purposes in the clash of the titans remake that came before wrath, hades was not killed but banished, spawn is dark horse and divine spawn was on the level of the mother who created god and Satan, and that ” ” refers to the real world.

      • The online merriam webster dictionary defines it as exempt from death; imperishable

      • Please use factsagainst facts instead of opinions cause facts > opinions

      • Facts>>>Opinions…most of the time. Anyway, everyone dies in the end. It’s the only thing that you Have to do. Unless you live to the Rapture and are a Christian of course

      • No rules apply to fiction other than it’s not real so there doesn’t always have to be death

      • Rules the creator makes if they want people to be able to die then they are Able to die but on things like forums we follow rules for particular characters set by the writers in the story line

      • No matter what the creator does, he can’t stop a character from being able to die. They can make it tough, but giving someone high speed regeneration, but they can still die

      • There are quite a few stories where people are cursed with eternal life and that one guy from JL doom couldn’t die

      • In every single dictionary I’ve seen imortality means unable to die look it up

      • It’s a dictionary you can’t say what it means so this is what I think would happen spawn gets rid o the stars in the universe and fights prime for trillions of years until his solar energy runs out (it only seems limitless cause there’s so much) then he becomes normal and god spawn crushes him

      • That would be a good strategy for Spawn, but he wouldn’t be able to endure Superman’s powerful attacks. A few good punches will bring just about anyone down. Spawn is still tough, but I don’t think he can take Superman down

      • The picture of spawn you have explains why he would win. That and the actual definition of immortal (spawn)

      • Did you read what the all knowing power, that created god and satan, that god spawn was connected to said

      • Not yet, but once you’re “All Powerful” there are limits to how much stronger you can get. At this point, can anyone stop Superman? Spawn is definitely tough though!

      • That’s the point, once your all powerful you’ve reached the limit of what any being, live dead or immortal, could ever be.

  2. Yes, Destroyer is right. Being immortal by definition means that you won’t die of old age, as you will live eternally. You can still be destroyed, just look at Wrath of the Titans, Marvel, or DC. Any and Everyone can die. Remember “Dying is the only thing that you Have to do, the rest of the things in life give you a choice”

  3. There is a difference between all powerful and self proclaimed all powerful like frieza or the one above all

      • That’s the point, TOAA is way higher than Frieza but they both claim the same thing. The living tribunal has feats to back his power (not saying he’s all powerful just an example) but I like that you would fight your point so fiercly.

      • Oh and divine spawn is connected to MoM who is stated to have created, and will create, everything in the image or darkhorse (not sure what he’s in) universe

  4. spawn would win because he was given power by da mother. by the power given to him spawn could do anything he could even beat his enemy by thinking or wish

    • I won’t deny that he is powerful, but that power won’t really be enough to take down someone like Superman. Superman’s just too powerful and too fast to really lose such a match

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