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Vision vs Spawn

Spawn has certainly been a very powerful comic book fighter through the years, but he’s met his match against Vision. The Vision has a good amount of super strength and he’s always been shown to be a powerful fighter. He may have even reached the next level in Marvel Now as his speed is finally being shown as well. I don’t think Spawn will be able to defeat Vision at this point, even with his divine powers. Nothing beats the classic 1-2 punch of speed and strength after all. Vision wins.

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Thanos vs Vision

The Vision is definitely a tough opponent, but I don’t think that he would be able to go up against Thanos. Thanos has taken many opponents down and he’s been on a pretty good roll on the blog. Nobody seems to be able to stop him and Thanos continues to rise up the blog ranks. Just in time for Records eh!? Thanos wins.

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Flying Dutchman vs Vision

The Flying Dutchman is back and this time he’s up against the Vision! I don’t think he has a shot in this round. His power is pretty incredible, but I’d say that Vision has the speed advantage in this round! His eye lasers are also extremely dangerous and he shouldn’t be underestimated. Vision wins.

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Vision vs Wonderman

Wonderman and Vision have fought many times in the past. Vision has done pretty good in their fights. He’s even beaten Wonderman in the past, but Wonderman is stronger than Vision and his energy powers are better. So in the end he still takes this match. Wonderman’s been shown to compete with guys like Thor and Hulk. Of course Vision’s fought the Silver Surfer. These two guys are pretty close in power, but in the end Vision can’t win. Wonderman wins.

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Scarlet Witch vs Vision

Scarlet Witch is back. Her magic abilities can be troublesome, but I think Vision’s still got this. Scarlet Witch has some energy projection, but so does Vision, plus Vision has super speed, flight, and a lot of power. Vision’s always showed that he’s tough and even fought the Silver Surfer to a standstill once! He gets to rise up the ranks again and he’ll be back. Vision wins.

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Vision vs Ultron

Vision is a pretty tough guy. With Super Strength, speed and energy projection he’s got it all. Thing is, Ultron has all that in spades! Ultron is Vision, but superior in just about every way. Ultron’s managed to take down the Avengers on occasion. Something the Vision may not be able to do. Vision loses this round, but he’ll be back probably with better results as well. Ultron wins.

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Vision vs Egghead

Egghead is a guy who’s pretty smart, but in the end can’t beat Vision. Vision has super strength and speed that would make Brainiac tremble. Vision wins his first match and rises up in the ranks. Will he stay there or will he fall? That’s what we need to find out! Either way Egghead loses. Vision wins.