Flying Dutchman vs Shantae

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Suggested by Destroyer The Flying Dutchman is one of those characters who sounds really impressive but the instant that you see him this image begins to fade. The guy is quite old and certainly not very formidable. Shantae would be able to take this guy down in a heartbeat with her abilities. Her pirate skills appear to place her above many others pirates. Shantae wins.

Flying Dutchman vs King Ghidorah

Suggested by Destroyer The Flying Dutchman puts fear into the hearts of the masses. That being said, he is still thoroughly outclassed against someone like King Ghidorah. Ghidorah can fire a single energy blast which will take him down for the count or he could just unleash a quick body slam to take the victory. Either way, he has this in the bag. King Ghidorah wins.

Flying Dutchman vs Vision

The Flying Dutchman is back and this time he’s up against the Vision! I don’t think he has a shot in this round. His power is pretty incredible, but I’d say that Vision has the speed advantage in this round! His eye lasers are also extremely dangerous and he shouldn’t be underestimated. Vision wins.

Flying Dutchman vs Silver Surfer

The Flying Dutchman makes his blog debut with this round! You don’t want to underestimate this guy’s abilities! He’s held his own against guys like The Silver Surfer and the Vision in the past! Still, I don’t think he could beat the Silver Surfer in a fair fight. Silver Surfer wins.