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Machamp vs Thing

The Thing has always been known as one of Marvel’s semi power hitters. He’s not as strong as the Hulk or Thor, but he’s still considered to be stronger than Captain America or Spiderman. (with limiters and at half strength) On the other hand, Machamp is a power hitter and he’s also pretty quick. He could easily overpower Thing in a battle of physical strength and he also has a lot of long range abilities to back him up in the heat of battle. The Thing isn’t safe from long range or from up close so he seems to be doomed either way. Machamp wins.

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Shang Chi vs Thing

Shang Chi is back and he’s a pretty solid hand to hand fighter, but the Thing is just too powerful. One good punch would probably take Shang Chi down for the count and the Thing can definitely take a lot of punishment. Shang Chi can weaken him through his attacks, but the blows just won’t be enough to stop him for long. Thing wins.

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Galactus vs Thing

ff 173 thing vs galactus
The Thing is pretty powerful, but he’s definitely not in the same league as Galactus. Galactus just needs to fire one energy blast and the round is over. The Thing was definitely out of his league from the very start. It’s been a while since Galactus took a win, so his fans will definitely be pleased. Galactus wins.

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Doomsday vs Thing

Doomsday is pretty powerful and now he’s back to try and take a win. The Thing is pretty proud of his strength, but in a fist fight he would be doomed. He could play it safe and spam his projectiles, but unfortunately for him, Doomsday has some as well. Thing won’t be able to win this round. Doomsday wins.

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Pohatu vs Thing

Pohatu is pretty fast and has a lot of power over the ground. He can go through objects and has his Sky Blaster. Of course Thing has gotten a lot of power ups as well like his Mutated Form, Fear Itself form, and Human Torch form. In the end I think Thing has this match mainly thanks to his Fear Itself and Fire abilities. Thing wins.