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Saint Dane vs Voldemort

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Saint Dane may be able to shapeshift, but that won’t be enough to stop Voldemort. Voldemort just needs one good spell to take down many opponents in his path. I don’t think Saint Dane is fast enough to KO Voldemort before he can say the dreaded words. Saint Dane may be back someday. Voldemort wins.

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Bobby Pendragon vs Saint Dane

Bobby Pendragon is the main character of his series and Saint Dane is the main villain. So automatically you would go for the hero right? Well, in this case that’s certainly a valid point. By the end of the series, Bobby Pendragon is immensely “powerful” and a force to be reckoned with. Bobby Pendragon wins.

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Saint Dane vs Mewtwo

Saint Dane may have been the main villain of a considerably long book series, but that just won’t cut it against Mewtwo! Mewtwo has his shadow ball attack and his immense power will end this match pretty quickly. Mewtwo is also a lot faster than Saint Dane and he can use this to his advantage. Mewtwo wins.